Week 8

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  1. Image Upload
    • Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale
    • Ernst
    • 1924
    • Surrealism
    • collage/assemblage art
    • gate is open - unexpected scene
    • all chaos is being cause by the small bird
    • upsetting visual expectations
    • Could symbolism (autobiographical explanations
    • 1. Death of his sister
    • 2. ill fevered hallucination
  2. Image Upload
    • The Virgin Mary Chastising the Baby Jesus before Three Witnesses: André Breton, Paul Éluard and the Artist
    • Max Ernst
    • 1926
    • Surrealism
    • play on expectations
    • stage set/ architecture in background are angular
    • plot is neither sacred nor true to life
    • idea of merriment - enjoy life and don't get bogged down by church/state but also don't be totally hedonistic
  3. Image Upload
    • The Horde
    • Ernst
    • 1927
    • Biomorphic surrealism
    • grattage
    • communicates a feeling - the less clear the better
    • process of creation - adds layers and then scrapes them away to achieve the look he wants
  4. Image Upload
    • The Treachery of Images
    • Magritte
    • 1933
    • "This is not a pipe"
    • Naturalistic Surrealism
    • juxtaposes text and image
    • GOAL: make viewer ask "What is representation?"
    • confounds pictorial reality
  5. Image Upload
    • Laughing Mannequins
    • Bravo
    • 1930
  6. Image Upload
    • The Persistence of Memory
    • Dali
    • 1931
    • "hand painted dream photographs"
    • real Spanish landscape filled with melting clocks - watches serve no purpose other than making viewer think/question their purpose
    • things looking recognizable but not really making sense
    • unsettling - if it were abstract, it would be less disturbing
    • trying to discredit reality and point out everyone has irrational thoughts/strange ideas
  7. Image Upload
    • The Birth of Liquid Desires
    • Dali
    • 1931-32
    • illusionistic landscape
    • organic forms
    • love of cabinets because they represent the mind - all the drawers to store things/thoughts
    • saturation of color
    • lots of detail by misleading because objects are vague/unclear
    • deliberately enigmatic
    • threatening rational order
  8. Image Upload
    • The Human Condition
    • Magritte
    • 1933
    • looks believable but something is a little off
    • use of object to hide what lies behind it
    • painting within a painting motif
  9. Image Upload
    • Object
    • Oppenheim
    • 1936
    • mass produced tea cup covered in Chinese gazelle fur
    • manmade vs natural materials
    • deliberately absurd - not useable
  10. Image Upload
    • The Shooting Star
    • Joan Miro
    • 1938
    • automatism
    • allowed brush to move freely but consciously chose color
    • "free association doodling"
    • limitless space because it is not defined
  11. *
    • Self-Portrait
    • Cahun
  12. Andre Breton
    • French founder of Surrealism
    • wrote manifesto - wanted to free mankind from rationality, logic, and burdens of reality
  13. Surrealism
    • gathered in France but an international group
    • over realism, higher realism, beyond reality of everyday, discover next level of reality
    • GOAL: shake us out of this plane of existence
    • similar to Dada
    • spontaneity and chance
    • anything conventional was seen as repressive
    • not directly linked to time/era but more of an ongoing effort (UNLIKE dada)
    • revolution in the awareness of living
    • shock viewer - upset normal patterns of living/seeing
    • unconventional techniques and materials
    • GOAL/CHALLENGE: access and represent subconscious
  14. Grattage
    Grattage is a surrealist technique in painting in which (usually dry) paint is scraped off the canvas. It was employed by Max Ernst and Joan Miró
  15. Sigmund Freud (and the subconscious)
    • human psyche = battleground
    • ID: animal urges, hedonistic
    • EGO: meeting ground
    • SUPEREGO: rules from society/church/family/etc
    • interested in the conscious and unconscious
    • role of dreams - a way of connecting to subconscious
  16. Biomorphic (abstract) Surrealism
    • access unconscious and see what happens
    • It attempts to morph artistic design elements into naturally occurring shapes, or patterns reminisent of nature
  17. Automatism
    • dictation of thought without control of the mind
    • largely abstract though often contains recognizable images
    • automatic drawing - allow your hand to move without any kind of rational logic; chance associations, changing context
  18. Paranoid-critical method
    • "spontaneous method of irrational knowledge based on the critical and systematic objectivity of the associations and interpretations of delirious phenomena."
    • a sane person could access/cultivate paranoid tendencies, illusional ideas and that things don't go together could go together
    • mix of fantasy and reality
  19. Naturalistic Surrealism
    • often uses meticulous detail
    • recognizable forms/objects/scenes but take them out of regular context - combine, distort
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