Unit 9 Taylor Chpt 9

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  1. computerized or paper medical record containing
    information such as medical orders, assessments, and care; nursing documentation of plan of care, assessment, and interventions; and diagnostic/surgery results
  2. healthcare that is provided to people who live within a defined geographic region or who have common needs; designed to meet the needs of people as they move between and among healthcare settings
    Community-based Care
  3. coordination of services provided to patients before they enter a healthcare setting, during the time they are in a setting, and after they leave the setting
    Continuity of Care
  4. systematic process of preparing the patient to leave the healthcare facility and for maintaining continuity of care
    Discharge Planning
  5. federal law enacted to ensure that health information is protected while allowing the flow of health information needed to provide and promote high-quality healthcare and to protect the public’s health and well being
    HIPAA Privacy Rule
  6. trade name for the care plan documentation system
    that encompasses
    1. Prescriptions for nursing care related to
    activities of daily living
    2. Nursing diagnoses and related patient goals
    and nursing orders
    3. The nursing care related to diagnostic
    measures and the medical regimen
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