Botany Midterm

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  1. Plant Ecology
    Interaction of plants with each other and with their environment.
  2. Ethnobotany
    Study of the cultural and economic value of plants
  3. Linnaeus
    Developed system of binomial nomenclature
  4. Plant Geography
    Study of plant distribution around the world
  5. Genetics
    The study of heredity
  6. Plant Taxonomy
    The identifying, naming, and classifying of plants
  7. Plant Morphology
    The Study of External Structures
  8. 3 key biological traits that characterized invasive species.
    • -Effective seed dispursal mechanisms
    • -Rapid Growth
    • -Aggressive Competitor
  9. 5 plant names from Hinkley Park
    • 1. Berberis Thunbergii - Japanese Barberry
    • 2. Rosa Multiflora - Multiflora Rose
    • 3. Acer ginnala - Amur maple
    • 4. Acer platanoides - Norway maple
    • 5. Frangula alnus - Glossy Buckthorn
  10. Interphases
    Chromosomes are not visible with light microscope. Includes S, G1, and G2 phases.
  11. Prophase
    Cromosomes shorten and thicken; their two strand nature becomes appearent. Nuclear envelope dissolves.
  12. Centromere
    The dense, constircted portion of a chromosome to which a spindle fiber is attached.
  13. Metaphase
    Sister chromatits line up along the equatorial plane. Spindle fibers extend from centromere to the poles.
  14. Anaphase
    The briefest of the phases- involves sister chromatids of each chromosome seperating and moving to opposite poles.
  15. Telephase
    Chromosomes become grainy. Spindle fibers dissolve, become new neuclear envelope. Protoplasm gets trapped between cell plate.
  16. Xylem
    the tissue through which most of the water and dissolved minerals utilized by a plant are conducted.
  17. Phloem
    The food conducting tissue of a vascular plant.
  18. Vascular cambium
    A narrow, cylindrical sheath of cells that produces secondary xylem and phloem in stems and roots.
  19. Pith
    Central tissue of a dicot stem and certain roots
  20. Lenticles
    slightly raised, somewhat spongey groups of cells in the bark of woody plants
  21. Suberin
    A fatty substance found primarily in the cell walls of cork.
  22. Periderm
    Outer bark; composed primarily of cork cells
  23. Cork Cells
    Cells produced to the outside of the cork cambium.
  24. Epidermis
    The exterior tissue, usually one cell thick of leaves, young stems and roots.
  25. Bark
    Tissues of a woody stem between the vascular cambium and the exterior.
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