exam 1

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  1. Trace blood through heart
    • Inferior and Superior Vena Cava
    • Right Atrium
    • Tricuspid Valve
    • Right Ventricle
    • Pulmonic Valve
    • Pulmonary Artery
    • Lungs
    • Pulmonary Veins
    • Left Atrium
    • Mitral Valve
    • Left Ventricle
    • Aortic Valve
    • Aorta
  2. Three planes of body
    • sagital-left and right
    • transverse- top& bottom
    • frontal-front and back
  3. Anterior
    Toward or on the front of the body: in front ofThe pectorals are on the anterior aspect of the body
  4. Posterior
    Towards or on the back of the body: behindThe rhomboids are on the posterior aspect of the body
  5. Superior
    Toward the head or upper part of a structure: aboveThe humerus is superior to the radius
  6. Inferior
    Toward the lower part of a structure: below
  7. Medial
    Toward or at the midline of the body: inner side
  8. Lateral
    Away form the midline of the body: outer side
  9. Proximal
    Closer to the origin of a point of referenc
  10. Distal
    Further from the origin or point of reference
  11. Preload
    Bloodflow returning from systemic circulationBlood coming back into the right atrium
  12. Afterload
    The pressure that the left ventricle has to overcome to open the aortic valve
  13. 3 types of consent
    • Expressed
    • Informed
    • Implied
  14. HIPAA
    Health Insurance Portablity and Accountability Act
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