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  1. greg
    crowd, flock
  2. egregious
    extraordinary in some way, conspicuously bad or offensive
  3. gregarious
    social, outgoing
  4. habit, hibit
    have, hold
  5. exhibit
    to place on show, to offer
  6. inhibit
    to restrain, arrest
  7. hap
    by chance
  8. haphazard
    characterized by lack of planning, irregularity, or randomness
  9. hapless
    unlucky, unfortunate
  10. helio, heli
  11. aphelion
    point in any planet's orbit that is farthest from the sun
  12. heliotrope
    any plant that turns toward the sun
  13. hol
  14. holocaust
    great or complete devastation or destruction, often by fire
  15. holistic
    emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts
  16. hood
    state, condition, quality, character
  17. statehood
    condition of being a state
  18. manhood
    state of being a man; manly qualities
  19. hyper
    too much, excess
  20. hyperventilate
    to breathe abnormally fast and deep
  21. hyperbole
    obvious and intentional exaggeration
  22. hypo
    too little, under
  23. hypothesis
    proposition presumed as premise for an argument
  24. hypodermic
    characterized by introduction of drugs underneath the skin
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