science weather and climate chapter 2 ouiz

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  1. 1. what cloud is like a flat sheet?

    2. what cloud forms 18,000 feet and are very wispy

    3. what cloud is like a big fluffy ball
    1. startus

    2. cirrus

  2. Three main types of clouds are....
    cumulus, cirrus, and stratus
  3. The most common type of precipitation is...
  4. The flow of air from land to a body of water is called...
    land breeze
  5. Warm, dry air creates a desert on which side of the mountain?
    Leeward side
  6. When a warm air mass moves up the side of a mountain it will most likely precipitate on what side?
    Windward side
  7. What causes winds?
    High and low air pressure meeting
  8. What are the 5 common types of precipitation?
    • 1. rain
    • 2. snow
    • 3. sleet
    • 4. hail
    • 5. freezing rain
  9. Wind vane
    wind direction
  10. Anemometer
    Wind speed
  11. Psychrometer
    relative humidity
  12. Barometer
    air pressure
  13. Rain Gauge
    measures amount of rain fall
  14. The layers of the atmosphere are classified according to changes in...
  15. The inner layer or "weather layer" of the atmosphere is called...
  16. Clouds from because of water vapor in the air...
  17. Rain, sleet, and hail are all forms of...
  18. In the Northern Hemisphere, global winds that blow from the southwest to the northest are called...
    prevailing westerlies
  19. Which process is not part of the water cycle...
    surface tension
  20. The process by which water molecules escape into the air as water vapor is called...
  21. What causes the winds to curve due to earth rotation...
    coriolis effect
  22. At what point during the water cycle does condensation begin, clouds begin to form, and water vapor is visible...
    dew point
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