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  1. What is another name for the Great Plains and Interior Lowlands?
    the Interior Lowlands
  2. Where are the Interior Lowlands?
    • From the Appalachians to the Rockies
    • Canada to the north and Texas to the south
  3. What is one nickname for the interior lowlands?
    the breadbasket of the world
  4. What significant belts are in the interior lowlands?
    • wheat
    • corn
    • soybean
    • dairy
  5. Why are the interior lowlands perfect for humus and growth?
    • they have 4 seasons
    • a good mix of rain and snow
  6. how much rain fall do you need for good crop growth?
    40 inches
  7. What physical region do they sometimes refer to as only agricultural?
    the interior lowlands
  8. What industries do the interior lowlands have?
    • cattle
    • hogs
    • factories
    • automobiles
    • airplanes
  9. What is Chicago known for being?
    a stockyard
  10. how many hogs do some farms in Chicago have?
    55,000 hogs
  11. What famous farm instrument manufactorer is from the interior lowlands?
  12. where has the iron and steel industry moved to?
    Southern Michigan
  13. Where is there a lot of iron ore?
    Northern Michigan
  14. Where are there huge airport hubs?
    the Midwest (interior lowlands)
  15. WHere are the interior highlands?
    eastern Oklahoma, Northern Arkansas, Southern Missouri
  16. In the last how many years has the interior highlands had a turn around?
    the last 40 years
  17. What contributions have the interior highlands made?
    • Walmart
    • Tourism for 3rd homes
    • Branson Missouri for entertainment
    • Precious Moments
    • Fertilzer
    • Timber/Lumbar
  18. Who started Wal-mart?
    Sam Walton
  19. What area in the interior highlands is like Vegas or Nashville for shows?
    • Branson Missouri
    • 40 theatres and 80 shows
  20. Where is the Rocky Mountains physical region located?
    • From Mt. McKinley in Alaska
    • through British Columbia and way inland
    • ends in AZ and NM
  21. how far away are the Rockies from the west coast?
    1,000 miles inland
  22. where do the Sierra Madres start?
    AZ and NM
  23. there are no large cities in the Rockies, but what are some big cities on the edge?
    • Denver
    • Cheyenne
    • Albuquerque
    • Boulder
  24. What are the contributions of the Rocky Mountain region?
    • important minerals
    • huge tourist attraction
  25. What were the 2 major ways that we origanally got past the Rockies?
    • around the Rockies by way of Mexico
    • around by ocean
  26. where are the Intermontain Basins and Plateaus?
    • they seperate the Rockies from the west coast
    • goes up into Canada and gets thinner as it goes
    • disappears by Alaska
  27. What metal is big in the intermountain region?
  28. how much of Nevada is owned by the government?
  29. What does the government do with the land they own in Nevada?
    government testing
  30. Where does the government place tons and tons of airplanes?
    in AZ
  31. How did Las Vegas start?
    a man crossed over the border of California where he couldn't gamble
  32. Why did people with respiratory problems move to AZ?
    because of its dry climate
  33. Why has the humidity raised from 10%-35% in AZ?
    because the people who went there with respiratory problems planted a bunch of trees so it would feel more like home
  34. how many miles is it just across Pheonix?
    75 miles
  35. What are the intermontain Basins and Plateaus contributions?
    • gambling
    • tourism
    • government testing grounds
  36. What city in Nevada is known for silver?
    Carson City
  37. What is the official name for the west coast?
    The Pacific Mountains and Valleys
  38. What contributions did the Pacific Mountains and Valleys make?
    • Airplanes
    • Fishing
    • Lumbar
    • Military
    • Film Industry
  39. Why in the Pacific Mountains and Valleys region ideal for the airplane industry?
    they have great weather to test the airplanes in
  40. What are two big airplane industries in the Pacific Mountains and Valleys region?
    • Boing from Washington
    • Hues from California
  41. how much of California is forest?
  42. What state has one of the biggest army bases?
  43. Where is one of the biggest naval bases in America located?
    San Diego, California
  44. What kind of climate does Southern California have?
    a Mediterranean Climate
  45. Why is it good that Hollywood is in Southern California?
    because of the good weather
  46. how many months out of the year does southern california have good weather?
    9 months
  47. What is Silicon Valley known for?
  48. What is truck farming?
    grow it in California and send it over to places that don't have a warm climate in the winter
  49. Where are the best grapes and wine in America?
    Napa Valley
  50. What two people groups didn't come from the east to the west coast?
    • Russians came from Alaska
    • Spanish came up from Mexico
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