TKAM Test vocabulary

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  1. deportment
    Personal conduct or behavior
  2. Gingerly
    with great care or caution
  3. Apoplectic
    on the verge of having a stroke
  4. Inconspicuous
    not readily noticable
  5. Austere
    strict or severe in dicipline
  6. Garish
    showy; very bright
  7. Devoid
    completely lacking
  8. Impudent
    to be shamelessly bold, as if you dont what anyone thinks about you
  9. Vapid
    boring or unintersting
  10. Indigenous
    belonging to a particular region or country
  11. entailment
    a legal situation regarding the use of inherited property
  12. Vexations
    something that causes annoyance or problems
  13. Contemptuous
    to have the feeling that someone or something is beneath you; that it or they are wworthless
  14. Onslaught
    a violent attack
  15. Asinine
    stupid; silly
  16. Prowess
    superior ability or skill
  17. Vigil
    a watch
  18. Acquiesce
    to agree without protest
  19. Quelling
    quiet; calming; suppressing
  20. Wrathfully
  21. Vehement
    full of emotion and strong feeling
  22. Dispel
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