Vocab 6

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  1. abrupt
    happening suddenly, without warning
  2. achieve
    to do what one sets out to do
  3. attempt
    • to try; to make an effort.
    • a try
  4. contemp
    a feeling that someone or something is bad or unworthy
  5. entertain
    • to interest and amuse.
    • to have guests.
    • to have in mind.
  6. glimpse
    • to get a quick look at
    • a quick or hasty look
  7. mock
    • to make fun of
    • not real; pretended
  8. persist
    • to keep on doing or trying
    • to go on and on
  9. persistence
    sticking to something; not giving up.
  10. persistent
    refusing to give up
  11. persuade
    to win someone over by arguing or asking
  12. persuasive
    having the power to persuade
  13. phase
    a stage in a series of changes
  14. quaint
    odd or unusual in a pleasing or old-fashioned way
  15. recall
    • to remember
    • to call or take back
  16. reject
    • to refuse to accept or use
    • something that falls short of what is acceptable
  17. revise
    • to go over carefully in order to correct or improve
    • to change in order to bring up to date
  18. sensitive
    • quick to notice or feel
    • easily affected by even slight change

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