Cantebury Tales Prologue

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  1. Why might the urge to go on a pilgrimage hit people in spring?
    Nice weather and the since of renewal
  2. Who is at the inn?
    29 pilgrams and the narrator himself.
  3. What is the narrator doing at the inn?
    Waiting for the others to arrive
  4. Who arrives to meet the narrator first?
    The Knight
  5. What info aoubt each pilgrim will the narrator impart on the reader?
    Their job, How they look, and their cloths
  6. Distinguished, Strong and Brave
    The knight
  7. truthfull, honored, courtious, generous
    The knight
  8. What is the knights reason for pilgrimage?
    To render thanks
  9. What qualities does the kinght posess that are different from those of other soldiers
    Modest and wise
  10. Wh
  11. What does the Knights soiled clothing reveal about him?
    His concern lies with his profession
  12. Curly hair, Moderate stature, 20 years old, Adgile, strong
    The squire
  13. What is a squire
    the second level on the road to be a knight
  14. Why does the squire go into battle
    To win the heart of a young lady
  15. embroydered flowers, short gown, long wide sleeves
    The squire
  16. name the squires abilities
    Horse riding, song and poem writing, jousting, dancing, drawing
  17. How does he act around his father
    curtious, lowly, servicable
  18. what is the yeomans responsibility to the knight
  19. Coat and hood of green
    The yeoman
  20. What is the tallent of the yeoman
    Wood craft and archery
  21. What does the yeoman think of himself
    Hes a proper forester and dosnt know it
  22. What is a prioress
    A nun
  23. What is the prioress name
    Madame eglantyne
  24. cloak, coral trinket, beads with golden broach
    The prioress
  25. Elegant, classy, gray eyes, soft red mouth, fair spread forhead
    the prioress
  26. What is the monks sport
  27. What is a limmiter
    A liscence to beg in a certain region
  28. What is the friars modus operendi
    He pays men to marry the women hes impregnated
  29. What does the friar give people for thier shrift
    A light penance
  30. What did the friar keep in his tippet
    Pins for curling and pocket knives
  31. Pale neck, fine robe, shiny eyes
    The friar
  32. what kind of person
    a coward
  33. Who did the friar hang with
    the rich
  34. Motly, beavers hat
    The merchant
  35. How does the merchant sit upon his horse
  36. What is the merchants secret
    He is in dept
  37. what kind of person is the merchant
    a hippocrit
  38. skinny and foccused looking
    The cleric
  39. What did the cleric spend all of his money
  40. what kind of person is the cleric
    Very upfront and respectfull
  41. What kind of person is the lawer
    He is lazy and acts like he is allways doing somthing, making him apeer busy
  42. silky belt, parti colored coat
    The lawyer
  43. What is a franklyn
    A wealthy land owner, member of parlement, colected taxes
  44. What two words describe the franklyn
    Sanquine, and benign
  45. Who was epicurus?
    A greek philosipher who was all about pleasure
  46. What did the franklyn keep at his house
    Tables of food and drink
  47. Who does the franklyn rep in parlement
    the rich
  48. What is a guild
    a group of people of the same trade or profession
  49. What is the narrators attitude toward the group of guilds men
    he respects them because he himself grew up in the middle class
  50. what kind of person was the cook
    a dirty and crooked person
  51. Where is the skipper from
  52. Why would the skipper have a hard time riding a famers horse
    He whares a long woolen gown
  53. What does the skipper steal
  54. What are some of the skills of the hunter
    he is knowledgable of the tides, ports, and stars`
  55. What is the name of the skippers ship
    The Maudelayne
  56. What does the doctor use to treat his patients
  57. What are the four humors
    dry cold moist hot
  58. What is not right about the doctor
    he cheats people with phoney medicines
  59. What physical limmitations does bath have
  60. What does bath do for a living
    weaves cloth
  61. Curchief on her head, hose was the finest scarlet red
    the wife of bath
  62. what kind of person is bath
    a floozy a whore a hobag a harlet and many others
  63. How many husbands has bath had
  64. honest, hard working, good preist
    The parson
  65. What is benefice for hire mean
    a teacher of clerical ways
  66. To what is the Parson compared to
    a shepard
  67. What qualities does the plowman share with the parson
    They both lived godly lives
  68. What does the plowman carry throught the streats
  69. fat, read beard, wart on his nose
    The miller
  70. what kind of person is the miller
    tough, animal like, A cheat
  71. what is a maciple
    a person in charge of the purchase and storage of food
  72. What is the manciple doing
    making money off the smart
  73. what is a reeve
    a manager of a landowners estate
  74. What was the reeves trade,
  75. How did people feel about the Reeve
    They feared him
  76. What is the name of the reeves horse
  77. red face, pimples, narrow eyes, black brows
    the summoner
  78. How did children react to the summoner
    they were fearfull
  79. What state is the summoner allways in?
  80. How did the summoner deal with people who keep a mistress
    demanded whine as a bribe
  81. a garland on his head, a bread shield
    the summoner
  82. Whome is the pardoner riding with
    the summoner
  83. hair as yellow as wax,
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