The Contitution

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  1. What are some changes made after the Revolution?
    • seperation of chruch and state
    • "VA statue for religious freedom" by Thomas Jefferson
    • Anglican church became Episcopal church
  2. What were women seen as?
    Homemaker and mothers
  3. What did democracy depend on? Who instilled it into the children?
    • civic virtue
    • mothers
  4. What is civic virtue?
    the unselfish commitment of each citizen to the public good
  5. When were the New State Consitutions written?
    during the war
  6. Where did the sovereignty of the states rest?
    on the people
  7. What did most states governments do?
    • modeled constitutions after charters with England
    • a bill of rights
    • an annual election of legislatures
  8. Who was the governor of the State of Franklin? How was he paid?
    • John "Nolichuchy Jake"
    • paid in whiskey and pelts
  9. What were Articles of Confederation? who wrote them?
    • the 1st constitution
    • John Dickenson
  10. Why did North Carolina arrest Nolichucky Jake?
    for treason becasue he thought about an alliance with spain
  11. What are the main problems of the articles?
    • loose confederation
    • congress is the cheif agency of gov't
    • no executive branch
    • judiciary left to states
    • each state had a single vote
    • Bills of importance needed 2/3 vote
  12. Why was congress weak?
    • no power to regulate commerce
    • couldn't force tax collection
    • couldn't force states to vote?
  13. what are good things about the articles?
    • model for what a loose confederation ought to be
    • kept alive the idea of a union
    • dealt with western lands effeciency
  14. What did the Land Ordinance of 1785 do?
    provided orderly settlement in the Northwest
  15. What are the 2 stages of the Northwest Ordinance?
    • 1) Tmporary Guardship
    • -forbade slavery
    • -subordinate to federal power
    • -approved by congress
    • 2) Permanent Equality
    • -basic principle for settling rest of west
  16. Who was 1st administered to England after 8 years of no ambassadors being sent?
    John Adams
  17. What did John Adams ask england when he was administered?
    if Vermont could become a state
  18. Why did British continue to hold forts in Northern frontier of Vermont?
    • they hoped america would fail
    • to uphold france incase of attack
    • americans didnt carry out treaties regaurding torries and debts
  19. Who controlled the mouth of the miss. river?
  20. How did Spain feel about America?
    they were openly unfriendly to them
  21. What "right" did spain give to the americas for using the miss. river port?
    • "No Right of Deposit"
    • right for americnas to deposit goods on land and get them to sea vessels
  22. What did france demand from the americas?
    repayment of loans during war
  23. What was Shay's Rebellion about?
    farmers began losing land because of bank foreclosures
  24. What was the importance of Shay's Rebellion?
    • many people feared mob activity
    • cry for stronger central government
  25. What were conservatives opinions about the articles?
    wanted to preserve wealth and position
  26. What were the states rights people's opinions about the articles?
    maybe we could just change a little
  27. What led to a Constitutional Convention?
    the incident at the potomac river lead to the Annapolis convention got the men thinking that maybe some changes were needed, thus, the constitution convention was held
  28. Whe was elected chairman of the constituional convention?
    G. Washington
  29. Who was the father of the national debt?
    Alexander Hamilton
  30. Who didn't write the constituion? Where were they?
    • T. Jefferson (France)
    • J. Adams (England)
    • T. Paine (France)
  31. Who did not participate on the constitutional convention? Why?
    • Samual Adams (not elected)
    • John Hancock
    • Patrick Henry "I smell a rat" (believed in states rights)
  32. Why was Shay's rebellion especially alarming?
    couldn't get an army to control it
  33. What is the Virginia Plan?
    • aka Large State Plan
    • Led by James Madison
    • strong central gov't w/ 3 branches
    • bicameral legislature based on population
    • broad authority to national gov't
    • could negate state laws
  34. What is the New Jersey Plan?
    • aka Small State Plan
    • Led by William Paterson
    • unicameral congress
    • equal representation
    • -regardless of size and population
    • -less redical
  35. What is Hamilton's plan?
    • Executive (President) would serve for life
    • would have veto power over all laws
  36. What is the Great Compromise?
    • large states- represented by poplulation in house
    • small states- equal representation in senate
    • all tax bills must originate in house
  37. What is the 3/5 compromise?
    • south wanted to count slaves as citizens
    • slaves counted as 3/5 of a person in house of represenatives
  38. What were the final agreements of the constitution?
    • independent executive branch
    • president- military commander-in-cheif
    • veto power in legislation
    • strong central government 3 branches
    • checks and balances among the branches
    • federal judges added for life
  39. Key democratic elements
    • 1) the only legitimite gov't is based on consent of the governed
    • 2) pwers of gov't should be limited
  40. what did the federalists support?
    the ratification of consitution
  41. What party did the federalists belong to?
    • Conservative
    • closely akine to loyalist of Revoluvtion days
  42. What were anti-federalists against?
    the ratification of the constitution
  43. What did the anti-federalists want in a government?
    • no strong central gov't
    • states rights
    • didn't like standing army
    • didn't like omission of reference to God
  44. what were the characteristics of most anti-federalists?
    • backcountry
    • poor
    • feared aristocrats
    • less educated
  45. Who were the federalists?
    • John Jay (1st cheif Justice)
    • Alexander Hamilton
    • James Madison (wrote best commentary ever written on the constitution)
  46. What were the federalists paper?
    • a collection of 85 essays
    • signed name Publius
    • #10 most famous
  47. who overthrew the Articles on Confederation?
    militant minority of conservatives
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