Chapter 7: Public Opinion

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  1. Elite
    People who have a disproportionate amount of some valued resource
  2. Exit Polls
    Polls based on interviews conducted on Election Day with randomly selected voters.
  3. Gender Gap
    Difference in political views between men and women
  4. Norm
    A standard, model, or pattern regarded as typical
  5. Political Elites
    Persons with disproportionate share of political power
  6. Political Ideology
    A more or less consistent set of beliefs aout what policies government ought to pursue
  7. Poltical Socialization
    Process by which background traits influence one's political views.
  8. Random Smaple
    a sample of subjects that is randomly selected from a group and is therefore assumed to be representative of that group
  9. Sampling Error
    That portion of the difference between the value of a statistic derived from observations and the value that it is supposed to estimate; attributed to the fact that samples represent only a portion of a population.
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Chapter 7: Public Opinion
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