Cell Metabolism

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  1. all chemical reactions that occur in a cell
  2. what is catabolism and what does it involve
    decomposition process

    • breakdown of organic materials
    • carbs, fats, proteins

    Stores Energy (ATP)
  3. amount of energy needed to raise 1 mL of water 1degree celsius
  4. 3 stages of cellular Respiration
    • Glycolysis
    • Krebs Cycle (TCA)
    • Electron Transport System
  5. Glycolysis
    • first of several reactions in CR
    • occurs in cytoplasm
    • the one metabolic pathway found in all living organisms
    • process makes large amnts of glucose but limited ATP production per molecule of glucose.
    • way of producing ATP during brief periods of lack of oxygen
    • vigorous exercise
    • in cytoplasm
    • NAD hydrogen carrier
  6. ATP
    adenosine triphosphate
  7. 1 mole ATP =
    7 Kcal
  8. ATP is
    transfer of energy from carbs fats and proteins to many different energy requiring processes in the cell
  9. ADP
    adenosine diphosphate
  10. AMP
    adenosine monophosphate
  11. Need ATP for ...
    • active transport
    • muscle contraction
    • growth / mitosis
    • brain / nerve transmission
  12. how many ATP produced per glucose molecule in glycolysis?
  13. Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle) (TCA Cycle)
    • series of several rxns controlled by enzymes in the mitochondria
    • function is to free hydrogen
    • REDOX reactions (oilrig)

    1 glucose = 2 pyruvates

    • 8NADH
    • 6CO2
    • 2ATP
    • 2FADH2
  14. oxidation
    loss of electrons with or without their hydrogens
  15. reduction
    gain of electrons with or without their hydrogens
  16. Electon Transport System (Oxidative Phosphorylation)
    • the use of oxidation to add Phosphorous to ADP to make ATP
    • the passing of hydrogen atoms or its electron from one carrier molecule to another to release energy (redox rxn)
    • electron carrier molecules (coenzymes)
    • ATP production
  17. election carrier molecules
    • NAD
    • FAD
    • CoQ
    • Cytochromes
  18. transfer hydrogens
  19. FAD
    • Flavin Adonine Dinucleotide
    • need riboflavin to make it
  20. Cytochromes
    • transfer electrons
    • contain iron or copper
  21. CoQ
    transfer electrons
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