aural Rehab part 2

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  1. Deaf culture may resent Ci's due to trying to "fix" the child?

    T or F
  2. Deaf cutlure decided parents have the right to choose?
  3. Deaf culture stated that young prelingually deaf kids don't have the auditory foundation to learn spoken language.
    • True but this is **not research based**
    • (especially if parents are deaf)
  4. Process of CI surgery
    • - Incision behind ear
    • - drill hole in mastoid process- insert receiver stimulator and electrode array
    • - Array threaded through mastoid and middle ear cavity
    • - Array is inserted into the round window of the cochlea
    • (surgery takes 1-3 hours)
  5. Hook up process aka initial fitting
    • - lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours
    • - audio. programs the speech processor
    • - telemetry- aids in testing the integerity of the internal device
    • - this provides impedance measures and diagnostic assessment of interal device
  6. ___________ aids in testing the integrity of the internal device.
  7. When electrodes are found to be out of compliance, they are activated anyway.

    T or F
    • False
    • they are deactivated and will not be programmed.
  8. ___________ is the measure of the opposition of electrical current flow across the electrode.
    Electrode Impedance
  9. What test is performed at the start of each programming session?

    Normal : 1 to 20-30 kOhms
  10. Electrodes with abnormal impedance values are disabled

    T or F
  11. A cochlear implant program that encodes the acoustic signal and translates it into electrical stimulation levels based on the measured T and C levels.
    MAP (programs for CI's)
  12. ___________ is the minimal amount of electricl stimulation a peaitent can detect. Similar to audiometric threshold.
  13. _____________ maximum amount of electrial stimulation that is comfortable or most comfortable or loud but comfortable.
    C or M level (MCL)
  14. The T and C or M levels are obtained for stimulation of channels across the electrode array.
  15. ___________ is predicting programming levels for unmeasured channels based on measures made on adjacent channels.
  16. Obtaining C levels in kids is a difficult taske due to obvious reporting issues?

    T or F
    • True
    • ex. is the baby crying because its too loud or because they are hungry?
  17. ____________ provides a general estimation of "upper" levels by using evoked potentials to sample and record nerve responses generated by electrical stimulation.
    Neural Response Telemetry (NRT)
  18. After the T and C levels are established and the MAP is created, the mic is turned _____ to provide acoustical stimulation to the patient.
  19. During mapping the mic is turned _______ to allow the patient to focus on the presented tones to obtain T and C levels?
  20. After the mic is turned on patients usually report voices that sound __________.
    robotic, cartoonlike, hollow, mechanical
  21. How many programs will a client initially have?
  22. Always remind patients and parents of children about acclimation periods.

    True or False
  23. ESD stands for
    Electrostatic Discharge
  24. How long after initial activation should there be a follow up?
    within one week
  25. When are new maps added into designated programs?
    in the follow up
  26. What is reviewed at the follow up?
    • programs
    • controls
    • accessories
    • initial booth testing
    • questions
  27. ___________ determines the gain applied to the input signal which then determines the input level that will be mapped at C-level.
    microphone sensitivity
  28. Increased microphone sensitivity will improve detection of low level sounds, but will also increase delivery of ambient noise levels.

    T or F
  29. Decreasing microphone sensitivity will decrease intrusiveness of ambient noise, but also reduced accesss to soft sounds.

    T or F
  30. Initial Stimulation
    • -Prepare Parents, pre-empting questions
    • -Minimize distractions
    • -Warn parents that initial stimulation of the CI causes a variety of responses.
  31. Pediatric Set Up:
    Programming room should be child friendly with:
    • - appropriate pictures at child height
    • - Large selection of games but not too many
    • - child sized furniture
    • - hazard limitation (covered corners, plugs)
    • - room for several adults
  32. Pediatric Set Up:
    • - if possible 2 persons are needed for smaller children.
    • -
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