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  1. 2 Musculature Categories
    Stabilization and Movement
  2. Chronic Lower Back Pain
    % of americans
  3. Drawing-in Manuever
    • Pull in region just below navel
    • -Increased stabilization
    • -Increased EMG (Electromyogram Activity) Electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles
  4. Core Stabilization System
    -Muscle fiber type
    Mostly slow twitch type I- so they need sustained contractions (6-20 seconds)
  5. Intramuscular Coordination
    Neuromuscular system ability to allow optimal levels of motor unit recruitment and synchronization within a muscle
  6. Intermuscular Coordination
    Neuromuscular system ability to allow all muscles to work together with proper activation and timing between them
  7. Core Movement System
    -Primary function
    • -rectus abdominus, erector spinae, external obliques, latissimus dorsi, adductors, hamstings and iliopsoas
    • -Geared toward movement of lumbo-pelvic-hip complex
  8. Core Stabilization System
    -primary function
    • -Transverse abdominus, internal obliques, pelvic floor musculature, diaphragm, transversospinalis and mutifidus
    • -Improve intramuscular coordination and motor recruitment within a muscle
  9. Core Stabilization Training (Phase 1)
    • -Little motion through spine and pelvis
    • -Designed to improve functional capacity of stabilization system

    Marching, Floor Bridge, Floor Prone Cobra, Prone iso-ab
  10. Core Strength Training (Phase 2,3,4)
    • -Dynamic eccentric and concentric movements of the spine through full range of motion.
    • -Specificity, speed, and neural demand progressed as well as dynamic stabilization, concentric strength (force production), eccentric strength (force reduction), and neuromuscular efficiency of kinetic chain
    • -Ball crunch, back extension, reverse crunch, cable rotations
  11. Core Power Training (Phase 5)
    • -Improve rate of force production of core musculature
    • -Prepare you to dynamically stabilize and generate force at more functionally applicable speeds
    • -Rotation chest pass, Medicine ball pull over, Front MB oblique throw, Woodchop throw
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