Fuel Systems

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  1. What are 3 causes of vapor lock in a fuel system?
    • High fuel temp
    • low fuel pressure
    • high fuel turbulence
  2. AVGAS 80 is what color?
  3. AVGAS 100 is what color?
  4. AVGAS 100LL is what color?
  5. Why is lead added to fuel?
    acts as an anti-knock
  6. What color is the marker for Jet A1?
    Black with grey stripe
  7. What color is the marker for Jet B?
    black with yellow stripe
  8. What color is the marker for Jet A?
    Black with black stripe
  9. How heavy is AVGAS on a standard day?
    about 6lbs a gallon
  10. How heavy is Jet A on a standard day?
    roughly 7 lbs a gallon
  11. What is "Flashpoint"?
    The temperature that fuel emits ignitable vapours
  12. Where is fuel information found ?
    • AIP or AIM
    • Aeronautical Information Publication or manual
  13. What is the ratio of components that make up Jet B?
    • 70% AVGAS
    • 30% Kerosene
  14. Which is a better lubricant , avgas or jet fuel?
    Jet fuel
  15. True or False. Jet fuel can suspend more water than avgas?
  16. What are 4 types of fuel contamination?
    • Water
    • Dirt or filings
    • Microbial
    • Incorrect fuels
  17. Tanks over 20 gallons usually have these?
  18. Bladders are made of?
    neoprene impregnated fabric
  19. What type of tanks are generally used in transport catagory aircraft?
  20. What are 2 benefits to integral tanks?
    • Less weight
    • Increased tank volume
  21. How much expansion space must a fuel tank have?
    2% total capacity of tank
  22. Filler openings must be labeled with what 2 things on recip aircraft?
    • Fuel type
    • Minimum fuel rating
  23. If a fuel cap has a gooseneck vent , which direction do you install it?
    Into the airflow
  24. T or F . replacing a fuel cap with a different type requires TC approval?
  25. Flapper valves or check valves in the fuel tank baffles are required in what type of aircraft?
    aerobatic or aircraft capable of high G maneuvers
  26. Riveted integral tanks are sealed with?
    Proseal or equivelent
  27. Light , high wing aircraft usually have what type of fuel system?
    Gravity feed
  28. Rigid fuel lines that pass through wheel wells or engine compartments are usually made of?
    stainless steel
  29. What must be observed when routing flexible fuel hoses?
  30. Flexible fuel line is usually made of ?
    teflon or synthetic rubber
  31. When installing stright run fuel lines, what must be done?
    must have bends in the line to allow for some expansion and contraction
  32. If a fuel bladder is to sit empty for an extended time what should be done to it?
    make sure there is no water and wipe inside of bladder with an oily rag
  33. If you are getting an inaccurate fuel reading on a bladder type fuel tank , what may have happened?
    the bladder may have pulled away from its attachment points
  34. What must be labeled on turbine fuel fill ports?
    • "Permissable fuel designations" - Jet fuel
    • Max refueling fuel pressure
  35. Fuel system drains must be able to?
    drain entire fuel system in the ground attitude
  36. A fuel system drain must discharge?
    clear of all aircraft parts
  37. Fuel system drains must lock..?
    positively in the closed position
  38. Fuel system drains must not be located in an area where...?
    they will be sheared in a gear up landing
  39. Recip fuel systems sediment bowls are located?
    in the lowest point of the fuel system
  40. Flexible fuel lines have what limitation?
    Calendar life limit , 5 years
  41. Majority of rigid fuel lines are made of?
    5056 Aluminum
  42. What color markers are aircraft fuel lines?
    red and white with stars
  43. What are the 4 types of fuel valves?
    • cone type
    • poppet type
    • soleniod type
    • motor operated
  44. Fuel valves must be able to ?
    shut off and re-supply fuel to each engine individually
  45. What are 4 classes of pumps other than main pump?
    • emergency
    • scavenge
    • cross feed
    • boost or aux
  46. What are 6 different design types of fuel pumps?
    • wobble or dual acting
    • centrifugal boost
    • vane
    • gear
    • jet
    • pulsating
  47. what are 3 types of fuel tanks?
    • bladder
    • integral
    • welded sheet metal
  48. Small single engine aircraft with integral tanks usually have them located ?
    in the "D" or forward section of the wings
  49. When routing fuel and electrical lines in the same area , how do you maintain safety?
    route the fuel lines below any electrical
  50. What product is used to kill any microbes growing in the fuel tanks?
  51. Always do this before attempting to fuel an aircraft?
    ground the truck or tank to the aircraft
  52. What is used to test fuel volitility?
    Reid vapor tester
  53. Which fuel has the highest freezing temperature?
    Jet A
  54. What fuel has the lowest freezing temperature?
  55. What are 2 different ways to heat fuel?
    • Bleed air
    • oil
  56. What is turneplate made of?
    Lead and tin lined steel
  57. What are 2 ways to control fuel heating?
    • automaticly with a vernatherm
    • manually by switch in cockpit
  58. How often are fuel filters checked?
    before the first flight of the day
  59. Why is there a measurement on some screen disc type filters?
    checking for crushing damage due to overtorque
  60. How much fuel must a gravity feed fuel system be able to deliver to the engine?
    150% of maximum engine usage
  61. How much fuel must a pump driven fuel system be able to deliver to the engine?
    125% of maximum engine usage
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