AP Government Chap 5 vocab and terms

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  1. Inherently Suspect
    Invalid unless "compelling public interest"
  2. African Americans
    • 1 slavery- civil war
    • 2 reconstruction- 1954
    • 1954 to present day
  3. African American civil rights (slavery- reconstruction)
    Dred scot case (scott vs sanford), 3/5 comprimise
  4. De jure
    Segregation by law (jim crow laws)
  5. De facto
    By fact: by neiborhoods, states, membership
  6. Reasonable
    Type of segregation: rational relationship to lefit go. Purpose. Examples: amusment park rides, voting age, drinking age. Abortion standards.
  7. Intermediate scrutiny
    Case by case, moderatly difficult to meet. Open to interpretation usually by gender (employmenr, firefighters, Draft
  8. Civil rights
    • Equality by 14th ammendment (equal process under law)
    • Policies designed to protect people against arbitrary or discriminatory treatment by government officials or individuals
  9. Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka
    Ended segragated schools reversed plessy vs furfusen "seperat eis inheretly unequal"
  10. Scott v. Sandford
    1857. Supreme Court ruled that a slave who had excaped to a free state enjoyed no rihgts as a citizen and the Congress had no authority to ban slavery in the territories.
  11. Thirteenth Ammendment
    Ratified avter Civil War, forbade slavery and involentary servitude.
  12. Civil Rights Act of 1964
    this law made racial discrimination against any group in hotels, motels, and restaurants illigal and forbade many forms of job discrimination
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