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    • What is a joint?
    • A place in the body where bones meet and movement can occur.
  1. Give two examples of hinge joints.
    Elbow, knee, fingers, toes.
  2. How many directions does a hinge joint allow?
    Two directions.
  3. What type of joint is the hip?
    Ball and socket joint
  4. What type of joint is the shoulder?
    Ball and socket joint
  5. How is a ball and socket joint different to a hinge joint?
    It allows a larger range of movement than a hinge joint.
  6. What is flexion?
    Bringing two bones or sets of bones together. Decreasing the angle at a joint. E.g. bicep curl, bringing wrist to shoulder.
  7. What is extension?
    Moving two bones away from each other. Increasing the angle at a joint.
  8. What is the movement when bending your knees?
  9. What is the movement at the hip joint when bringing your knees up to your chest?
  10. What movement is occuring at the elbow when bending it?
  11. When bending your knees are you increasing or decreasing the angle at the knee joint?
  12. What is plantar flexion?
    Pointing your toes
  13. What is dorsi flexion?
    Pulling your toes and feet upwards towards your shins.
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