Computers and You pt 2

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  1. Minicomputers or midrange servers are
    designed to meet the needs of smaller companies or businesses.
  2. Mainframes
    carry out very large processing jobs to meet the needs of large companies or agencies of the government.
  3. Supercomputers are
    able to perform extremely high-speed processing and show underlying patterns.
  4. A wiki
    allows anyone to contribute or modify content of a collection of Web pages.
  5. Social interaction forms include
    instant messaging,Twitter, and games.
  6. Social networks include
    Facebook and MySpace.
  7. Online applications such as Google Docs encourage .
  8. When using computer hardware:
    Do not plug too many devices into electrical outlets.

    Use surge protectors.

    Place hardware where it can’t fall or be damaged.

    Provide adequate space for air circulation around hardware.

    Securely fasten computer cables, cords, and wires.
  9. Computer ethics
    deals with moral dilemmas relating to computer usage.
  10. E-learning
    allows students to learn without requiring them to be at a specific location at a specific time.
  11. Automation is
    the replacement of people by machines and computers.
  12. Computer technology has aided globalization and the resulting outsourcing of jobs, as well as ____ _____—the obsolescence of certain jobs.
    structural unemployment
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