Muscles of the Head and Neck

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  1. Origin of the Platysma Muscle:
    • origin:
    • inferior border of the mandble, superficial fascia of the lower face, and skin
  2. Insertion of the Platysma Muscle
    • insertion:
    • fascia overlying the superior parts of the pectoralis major and the deltoid muscle
  3. Innervation of the Platysma Muscle
    • Innervation:
    • Cervical Branch of the Facial Nerve
  4. Action of the Platysma Muscle
    • Action:
    • depress the corners of the mouth
    • widens the mouth (expresses sadness)
    • superiorly raises skin of neck when teeth are clenched (showing tension)
  5. Blood Supply for the Platysma Muscle
    • Blood Supply:
    • transverse cervical a, v.
    • cutaneous cervical a, v.
    • anterior jugular v.
    • facial a, v.
  6. Origin for the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
    • Origin:
    • lateral surface of mastoid process of temporal bone
    • lateral half of superior nuchal line
  7. Insertion for the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
    • Insertion:
    • sternal head: anterior surface of the manubrium of the sternum
    • costal head: superior surface of medial 3rd of clavicle
  8. Innervation for the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
    • Innervation:
    • Spinal Accessory Nerve (CN XI)
    • C2 & C3 nerves
  9. Action of the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
    • Action:
    • unilateral: tilts neck to same side; rotates it so face is turned superiorly toward opposite side
    • bilateral: flexes the cervical vertebrae so the chin is able to head toward the manubrium, extends superior cervical vertebrae while flexing inferior cervical vertebrae so chin is thrust forward with head kept level, extends neck at atlanto-occipital joints
  10. Blood Supply for the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
    • Blood Supply:
    • superior thyroid a, v.
  11. Anterior Scalene Muscle Origin
    • Origin:
    • anterior tubercles of transverse process of cervical vertebrae C3 - C6
  12. Anterior Scalene Muscle Insertion:
    • Insertion:
    • 1st Rib
  13. Anterior Scalene Muscle Innervation
    • Innervation:
    • Cervical Spinal Nerves C4 - C6
  14. Anterior Scalene Muscle Action:
    • Action:
    • laterally flex the neck, and to elevate the 1st Rib during forced respiration
  15. Anterior Scalene Muscle Blood Supply:
    • Blood Supply:
    • Internal Jugular v.
    • Transverse Cervical a, v.
  16. Middle Scalene Muscle Origin
    • Origin:
    • posterior tubercles of transverse processes of C4 -C7
  17. Middle Scalene Muscle Insertion:
    • Insertion:
    • superior surface of 1st Rib
    • posterior groove for subclavian a.
  18. Middle Scalene Muscle Innervation
    • Innervation:
    • Anterior Rami of Cervical Spinal Nerves
  19. Middle Scalene Muscle Action
    • Action:
    • flex neck laterally; elevate 1st Rib during forced inspiration
  20. Middle Scalene Muscle Blood Supply:
    • Blood Supply:
    • Internal Jugular V.
    • Transverse Cervical a., v.
  21. Posterior Scalene Muscle Origin
    posterior tubercles of transverse processes C4 -C6 vertebrae
  22. Posterior Scalene Muscle Insertion
    external border of second rib
  23. Posterior Scalene Muscle Innervation:
    anterior rami of cervical spinal nerve C7 and C8
  24. posterior scalene muscle action:
    flex neck laterally, elevate 2nd rib during forced inspiration
  25. posterior scalene muscle blood supply:
    • IJV
    • transverse cervical a, v.
  26. Longus Colli Origin:
    Bodies of C1 - C3, transverse processes of C3 - C6, anterior tubercle of C1
  27. Longus Colli Insertion:
    • transverse processes of C3 -C5
    • bodies of C5 - T3
  28. Longus Colli Innervation:
    Anterior Rami of C2 - C6
  29. Longus Colli Action:
    flex neck with rotation to opposite side if acting unilaterally
  30. longus colli blood supply:
    vertebral a, v.
  31. posterior belly of the digastric muscle origin
    mastoid notch of temporal b.
  32. posterior belly of digastric muscle insertion
    intermediate tendon to greater horn and body of hyoid b.
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