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  1. Met tower trailer power supply
    Switchyard panel P-52
  2. Methods for obtaining Meteorological Data?
    • PPC
    • Emergency preparedness computer
    • Weather Services International through the emergency preparedness computer
    • Call Grand Rapids National Weather Service
  3. PIP Node
    • recieves data associated with control rod drive system
    • monitors and controls the control rod drives
    • generates control rod sequencing
    • generates Pre-Power Dependent insertion and Power Dependent insertion limits (PPDIL & PDIL)
    • PIP node powered from Y-20
    • has Watchdog timer
  4. What are the 4 G2VX nodes?
    • Primary Indication Panel (PIP)
    • Secondary Position Indication (SPI)
    • Cooling tower control system (CTCS)
    • Sequence of Events (SOE)
  5. When would you use the manual bypass switches for the PPC power supply?
    • manual bypass switch is used when it is necessary to isolate the inverter cabinet for repairs or if a charger is lost to prevent cycling of the battery
    • switches are located in J-1041 and J-1043 in cableway in D bus room
  6. Purpose of the PPC?
    • provides control, monitoring, and alarms during normal & emergency plant conditions
    • provides normal output for the incores as well as the incore alarm function
    • provides PIP & SPI
    • provides control rod group sequence control, and the control rod out of sequence and power dependent insertion limit alarm functions
    • operators interface for performing heat balance calculations and control rod drop timing tests, & monitoring plant parameters
    • interface for starting/stopping the Emergency Response Data System link to the NRC
  7. CTCS Node
    • recieves and passes on to the Host cooling tower system data
    • has additional software for monitoring/control of the CT fans
    • has watchdog timer
    • powered from Y-01
  8. Effects of loss of Y-40 on the PPC?
    • SPI Node lost
    • -lose SPI rod position
    • -lose incores & non qualified CETs
    • monitor LHR using excores or manually read incores
    • RO-19 "Control Rod Position Verification" can't be performed
    • PPC heat balance is invalid, must manually calculate
  9. When are we required to establish the Emergency Response Data System (ERDS) link to the NRC?
    Alert or above
  10. Power supplies for the PPC UPS?
    • MCC-3/4 power battery chargers D206/D207
    • 1 battery charger powers D-205 bus & float charge to battery D-204
    • D-205 bus powers Y-03/Y-04 through inverters Y210/Y220
    • backup power to Y-03/Y-02 PPC power supplies from MCC-3/4 through a static switch
  11. EK-0918 "PIP trouble"
    • brought in by the watchdog timer
    • PPC screen 900 "PPC Network system status"
    • -red is down
    • -magenta is status unknown
  12. Loss of preferred AC bus Y-10 effects on left channel indications for the PPC?
    • Left channel PPC indications from the cutler hammer interface are lost
    • right channel is still available
  13. Effects of loss of Y-20 on the PPC?
    • PIP node lost
    • -lose PIP rod indication on the PPC
    • -lose auto control rod sequencing
    • -lose PPDIL & PDIL overhead annunciators
    • C-12 rod matrix will look different when rods are on the bottom
    • SPI supplies PDIL & PPDIL, rod position
    • cannot do "rod position verification" RO-19
    • lose right channel PPC indications from cutler hammer
  14. What is the Cutler Hammer interface?
    • recieves data from digital/analog inputs monitoring plant systems and passes it to the host computer
    • fail over host will not process inputs from the Cutler-Hammer
    • powered from the UPS via Y-220
  15. How will the PPC be affected if the Host computer is down?
    • the fail over host computer is configured to automatically take over the tasks of the host VAX
    • lose cutler hammer interface
  16. How does static switch Y-230/Y-260 operate?
    • when voltage drops to 105 VDC static switches Y-230/Y-260 auto transfer to MCC-3/4
    • backup power supplied by MCC-3/4 through SOLA transformers
  17. SOE node
    • scans analog points 10 times/sec to aid in trainsient response after certain triggering events
    • -digital points are scanned at a higher rate (100 times/sec)
    • Analalog points scanned
    • -PZR level
    • -A/B S/G level and feed flow
    • Triggering events-when triggered stores 30 minutes of data
    • -Neutron flux high
    • -PZR pressure high
    • -A/B S/G low press/level
    • -Loss of load
    • -Rx PWR high rate of change
    • -TM/LP
    • -PCS low flow
    • -Turbine trip
    • Powered from Y-210
  18. SPI node
    • recieves rod positions, incores, CET and various other analog data inputs and passes these to the HOST
    • most data scanned once per second
    • select group of data scanned more often for transient analysis
    • -PZR pressure
    • -S/G A/B pressure
    • -HP turbine inlet pressure
    • -S/G A/B steam flow
    • has watchdog timer
    • powered from Y-40
  19. Power supply for PPC fail over host computer?
    • L-61 in the CFMS trailer
    • -L-21 from L-02 from MCC-6 from E bus via LCC-14
  20. What must you do if you recieve EK-3327 "SOE node trouble"?
    must perform manual calculation of heat balance
  21. Where are the 2 monitoring sensors for the MET tower located? What do they provide?
    • 10M
    • -wind speed
    • -wind direction
    • -temperature
    • -dew point

    • 60M
    • -wind speed
    • -wind direction
    • -temperature
  22. Purpose of the Meteorological Monitoring System?
    • collects and displays current atmospheric condition data for the use in calculating off-site radiation dose rates during accident conditions
    • produces a history of climactic conditions for environmental monitoring purposes
  23. What 2 systems does the MET tower interface with?
    • PPC page 351
    • backup is emergency preparedness computer
  24. How do urgent alarms impact the PPC?
    • results in a beeping noise from the NCO-RX workstation
    • 3 beeps of 200 ms each followed by a 2 second pause, then repeats
    • auto switches to NCO-turbine if NCO-RX is OOS
  25. Given a loss/malfunction of MET monitoring system what is the effect on a WGDT batch?
    as long as wind speed, direction, and stability class can be obtained you can perform the batch
  26. EK-3337 "Cooling tower system trouble"
    • caused by the watchdog timer
    • use PPC page 900 "PPC network system status" to validate
    • may lose CT basin level and CT fan status

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