Bio Proteins

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  1. importance of protein structure
    protein's function depends on its' structure which consists of chains of amino acids that twist and fold into a very complex shape
  2. structure of amino acid
    • contain a carboxyl group, amine group and one of 20 different side chains (R group)
  3. 4 properties of amino acids
    • hydrophobic
    • hydrophilic
    • acidic
    • base
  4. peptide bond
    a bond between the amine group of one amino acid and the carboxyl group of another
  5. polypeptide
    chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds
  6. polypeptide formation
  7. protein synthesis
    • primary structure (polypeptide formation) - linear sequence of amino acids
    • secondary structure - hydrogen bonds along the polypeptide backbone twist the polypeptide into a coil or sheet
    • tertiary structure - bonds between side chains give the polypeptide its overall 3D structure
    • quaternary structure - in some proteins, two or more polypeptide chains associate and function as one molecule (like hemoglobin)
  8. denature
    • to unravel the shape of a protein or other large biological molecule
    • changes in a protein's structure may also alter its' function
  9. antibodies
    recognize infectious agents and change structure

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