Management 5

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  1. social obligation
    a firm's engaging in social actions because of its obligation to meet certain economic and legal responsibilities
  2. classical view
    freidman, free market capitalism; mgmt's only social resposibility is to maximize profits
  3. socioeconomic view
    davis, stakeholder view; mgmt's social responsibility goes beyond making profits and includes protecting and improving society's welfare
  4. social reesponsiveness
    a firm's engaging in social actions in response to some popular social need
  5. social responsibility
    a business's intention, beyond its legal and econmic obligations, to do the right things and act in ways that are good for society
  6. green management
    a form of management in which managers consider the impact of their organization on the natural environment
  7. green approaches
    • legal (low)
    • market
    • stakeholder
    • activist (high)
  8. stages of moral development
    • preconventional
    • conventional
    • principled
  9. preconventional
    • 1. stick to avoid punishment
    • 2. following rules only when in your immediate interest
  10. conventional
    • 3. living up to what is expected by people close to you
    • 4. maintaining conventional order by fulfilling agreed obligations (most managers here)
  11. principled
    • 5. valuing rights of others and upholding values and rights regardless of major opinion
    • 6. following self chosen ethical principles even if they violate the law
  12. locus of control
    measures degree to which people believe they control their own fate
  13. values-based management
    form ofmanagement in which and organizations values guide employees in the way they do their jobs
  14. code of ethics
    a formal statement of an organizations primary values and the ethical rules it expects its employees to follow
  15. pyramid of responsibility
    • philanthopy
    • ethical
    • legal
    • economical
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