4th Grade vocab Unit #

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  1. digest
    • n.) a shortened version of previously published writing; a magazine that publishes such short versions
    • v.) to understand a grasp an idea; to break down food within the body for nourishment
    • I feel better after my stomach digests the food I've eaten.
  2. pioneer
    • n.) a person or group that goes first to explore, open, perpare, or settle an area; someone who breaks new ground as in science or ideas
    • Steve Jobs pioneered the way we live with his iPods and iPhones.
    • v.) to open the way for others to follow
  3. lash
    • n.) a whip; a blow made by a whip; an eyelash
    • v.) to whip or strike; to strip down with rope or cord
    • The snake lashed out at the camera lense.
  4. antique
    • n.) an object made long ago; something made in the past
    • adj.) from the past; very old
    • My Dad's 1965 Mustang would be an antique today if he kept it.
  5. humid
    • adj.) steamy or heavy with moisture; moist or damp
    • A rainy summer day gets mighty humid sometimes.
  6. oppose
    • v.) to be against; resist, object to; to be in direct contrast with
    • I oppose anyone that cheers for Ohio State.
  7. baggage
    • n.) suitcases, bags, packages, equipment, or other items that travelers carry; things that get in the way
    • It is easier to travel with less baggage.
  8. worthy
    • adj.) Having worth or excellence; possessing merit; valuable or derserving
    • She had the strength and courage to be worthy of a soldier.
  9. establish
    • v.) to set up, start, organize, or bring about; to prove beyond doubt
    • Penn State was established in the year 1855.
  10. eternal
    • adj.) lasting for all time; with no beginning or end; continuing forever; seeming to be endless
    • God is forever eternal.
  11. haste
    • n.) speed or quickness of motion; overeager action without caution
    • Like they say, "Haste makes waste!" So slow down and check your work.
  12. sensible
    • adj.) showing or having good judgment or reason; aware of
    • Eating healthy foods is very sensible.
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