parts of the brain

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  1. spinal cord
    brain stem
  2. corpus callosum
    nerve fibers that join right and left hemisphere
  3. celebral cortes
    (1-3)mm thick 3/4 of brain cells, very dense
  4. medulla
    respiration, <3 rate, blood pressure
  5. pons
    sleep-wake cycles
  6. cerebellum
    reflexes and balance, coordination
  7. thalamus
    • sensory relay center
    • regulates higher brain centers and PNS
  8. hypothalamus
    • emotion, motivation, stress
    • biological clock
  9. hippocampus
    new memories
  10. amygdale
    almond shaped, emotions related to self preservation & motivated behavior
  11. occipital lobe
    visual info
  12. temporal lobe
    smell, auditory, balance, language comprehension, visual
  13. parietal lobe
    process pain, pressure touch temp
  14. frontal lobe
    goals, concentration, voluntary movemnt, problem solving,rational decisions, social judgment speech production
  15. hindbrain
    life support system, top of spinal cord
  16. midbrain
    small, simple movement with sensory info
  17. forebrain
    thought and reason
  18. bocas area
    speech production
  19. wernickes area
    language comprehension
  20. localization of functions
    specialization of particular brain areas for specific functions
  21. sensory strip
    hands and face
  22. primary motor
    600 muscles controlled here
  23. primary somotosensory
    feeling of senses
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