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  1. Why was there problems with the homeland?
    • They were 3,000 miles away (ties loosen over time)
    • Lonely wilderness(Britain tried to keep them tied to england)
  2. How did the colonies see themselves?
    Equal with england bc each colont had its pwn legislature
  3. What was the lower house in the colonial legislature?
    • It was elected by qualified voters
    • Determined governers salary
  4. What was the upper house in the colonial legislature?
    • It was appointed by the king
    • Advised the governor
  5. Where were judges in the colonial legislatures?
    • There are judges in each colonial legislature
    • Appointed by the king
    • Usually came from within the communities
  6. What was the jury's role in the court?
    They had the final say
  7. How were governors established?
    • Appointed by the king
    • Often from england
  8. What does the Privy counsel in England do?
    • Formulate colonial policy
    • Looks at laws tht are passed
  9. What was the board of trade?
    • Had to do with trade rules
    • Nominated governors and other officials
    • Most famous member was benjamin franklin
  10. What was the mercantilism between the colonies and England?
    • Navigation Laws- any trade that is made has to be done on British ships
    • Emlnumerated Articles- specific items must first be sent to england- most famous tobacco
    • Banks- were not allowed to have banks
  11. What were the benefits of the mercantilism?
    • Price supports- be payed fpr doing something for England
    • Monopoly- tobacco
    • Not being taxed
  12. What are Writs of Assistance?
    • General warrants
    • - allowing officials to search for smuggled materials
    • - with in suspected premises
  13. Who is James Otis?
    • An attny. General who didn't agree with the suspision
    • He resigned his position
  14. What happened to england after the 7 year war?
    Britain was in debt
  15. Who passed the sugar act? What was it?
    • Prime minister George Grenville
    • Increased tax on foriegn sugar (French W. Indies)
    • First act passed to increase revenue in colonies
  16. What was the quartering act?
    • Provides soldiers with housing and food
    • The colonists resented that
    • Will decrease tax
  17. What is the stamp act?
    • A tax on most paper goods
    • Had to pay and get a seal showing that you payed
    • England payed more
  18. What are admiralty courts?
    • No jury
    • Violations of sugar and stamp act
    • The burden of proof was on the defendants (guilty unyil proven innocent)
  19. What did the colonists begin to cry because of the taxes?
    • No taxation without representation
    • Volonists saod they wouldnt pay intil they could represent themselves in parliment
  20. What is virtual representation?
    Every member of parliment represents the entire British empire
  21. What is actual representation?
    An actual colonists would go to parliment
  22. What was the stamp act congress?
    • Meets in NYC
    • Sent the king notes asking to repeal stamp act
    • Colonists boycotts on importing british goods to england (non importation agreements)
  23. What are the Sons of Liberty?
    • They put pressure on folks not to collect stamp tax
    • A more active group
    • They tar and feather people who planned to pay
  24. What are the Daughters of liberty?
    They made their own things that they would normally get from england
  25. What the stamp act was repealed, what act was made afterward? What did it mean?
    • The declaratory act
    • The brits have repealed the stamp act, but they have the right to tax colonies
  26. Who was the drunk prime minister?What did he tax?
    • "Champagne Charley" Townsend
    • Glass, lead, paper, and tea
  27. Who was Crispus Attucks?
    A black man who died in the Boston Massacre for rights he didnt even have
  28. When the Boston Massacre occurred, who defended the colonists?
    John Adams
  29. What did Townshend repeal after the Boston Massacre?
    All acts except for tea
  30. Who is Samuel Adams?
    • Penman of the Revolution
    • Comitees of Correspondence
  31. Who is John Singleton Copley?
    • The best portratists
    • From Boston
    • Painted peoplr as they actually looked
  32. What was the Gaspee Incident?
    • A British custom ship
    • Successful at catching smugglers
    • Burned by Americans
  33. What was the British East India Company?
    • The company Britain to save them from goin bankrupt
    • England told colonists to buy only BRIC tea
    • - even though the tea was cheeper the colonists didnt want to be told what to do
  34. What was the Boston Tea Party?
    The colonists threw 300 boxes of tea off the ship
  35. What are the Intolerable/Coercive Acts?
    • Boston Port is closed (until payed for tea)
    • Restriction on town meetings
    • If an eglishman brakes a law in the colonies, they will be tried in the mother pand
  36. What was the Quebec act?
    • The French guaranteed Catholic religion
    • Kept onl customs like no trial by jury or representation
    • The old boudaries of quebec extended to Ohio River
  37. Who met in response to the intolerable acts?
    • 1st Continental Congress
    • Georgia didnt meet bc they were the last colony setteled
    • There was still no desire toward independence
  38. Who was the British general? What was his goal?
    • Thomas Gage
    • To seize samuel adams and john Hancock at Lexington amd Concord
  39. Who warned the colonists of the Lexington and Concord attack?
    Paul Revere and William Dawes
  40. Who wanted to be a historical painter?
    John Singleton Copley
  41. What did lanterns hanging mean?
    • 1 by land
    • 2 by sea
  42. Which town was attacked first?
    Lexington and then Concord
  43. Who was James Otis?
    • He was the basic intellectual foundation of the Revolution (taxation w/out representation is tyranny)
    • First to take stand against british laws
    • Died by lightening
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