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  1. feature a business class customer create a list of people whose calls will be forwarded to a number they designate so that all calls from those individuals on their list will be forwarded?
    • Call forward varible
    • *72
  2. What feature would a business class customer use if they had an important phone call they didn't want to be inturupted by any incoming calls on the line?
    • Cancel Call Waiting
    • *70
  3. How many Microsoft outlook email web accesses would be included for a business class preferred customer?
    Includes 4 web access (promo: 4 full access)
  4. Which of the following versions of MPEG does not exsist?

  5. What code would a customer use to place a call on hold?
  6. What type of connecting block is usually used for data applications/phone distribution in residential and light business installations?
    110 block
  7. What does the Code of Federal Regulations , title 47, telecommunication. Part 76 cable television service from the FCC deal with?
  8. What are the minimum requirements for a Mac on a CHSI install?
    • 300 mhz processor speed
    • 256 Memory
    • 100 Gb harddrive
  9. What is the rule of three of CDV?
    • 1.Confirm telephone number
    • 2.Voice Mail
    • 3.Digital Voice Center
  10. Is Tip negative or positive?
  11. What is the highest scan rate?
  12. What is the term used to describe a range of malicious software?
  13. What allows a group of phone stations to access a common set of telephone lines?
    Key System (KSU)
  14. What is a signal splitting device that plugs into a trunk/ bridger chassis ?
    Line Equilizer
  15. When customers don't want to be interrupted by certain callers, this allows them to create a list of up to 12 numbers that will receive an announcement indicating they are not presently accepting calls ?
    • Call Screening
    • *60 - activate
    • *80 - de-activate
  16. What calculates the activity levels in the unused portion of a multichannel system when there is random activity in the activity channels
    (NPR) noise power ratio
  17. Uses both past and subsequent pictures as references to calculate the compressed picture data
    (B-pictures) Bi-directional pictures
  18. What measures how often an error occurs In a given amount of data
    (BER) bit error rate
  19. The amount of noise created by an active device ( amp ) is what ?
    (NF) noise figure
  20. What is the crossing of modulation from one channel to another? Typically manifests itself as a vertical bar ( separates two channels apart )
    (XMOD) cross modulatiion
  21. What are tests that help to ensure that the cable systems forward signals meet the FCC standards as outlined in CFR 47 part 76.605(a) (1-12) of the FCC regulations ? ( 1of 3 tests )
    (POP) proof of proformance
  22. What feature of CDV automatically rejects calls from caller ID blocked numbers?
    Annoymous call rejection (activate *77 / deactivate *87)
  23. The cumulative effect of the return path distortions added to the signal at various locations in the coaxial portion of the network
    Funneling effect
  24. What is a feature of CDV that connects the customer to up 30 phone numbers by pressing two digits
    Speed dial 30 (acitvate *75)
  25. What is the phase modulation algorithm , q digital modulation scheme wherein the carrier is shifted 90 degree steps
    (QPSK) quadature phase shift keying
  26. What is a feature of CDV that allows the customer to call their most important people by pressing just one digit?
    Speed dial 8 (activate *74)
  27. What is a version of frequency modulation where the phase carrier wave is modulated to encode bits of digital Information in each phase change
    Phase modulation
  28. Shows streets with poles and pedestal locations and includes the Spanish length or footage between these items
    Strand maps
  29. What is a feature of CDV that redials a busy number until the line is available
    Repeat dialing (*66 Activate / deactivate *86)
  30. What is the undesired change in the waveform of a signal, that typically occur in it's passage through the amplifiers of a transmission system
  31. What is a feature of CDV that allows customer to create a list of people whose calls will be forwarded to a number they designate
    Call forwarding selective (*63 activate/ deactivate *83)
  32. What is the Comcast rule of 3 for CDV
    • Confirm telephone number
    • Explain voice mail features
    • Explain digital voice center
  33. What is noise added to response due to lack of or improper termination called?
    Terminantion noise (TN)
  34. What is an electromagnetic signal above the audio and below the inferred frequency
    (RF) radio frequency
  35. Local HFC
  36. What MHz Does the forward frequency begin
    50 MHz - 1 GHz
  37. What MHz does the return frequency begin
    5 MHz - 42 MHz
  38. What is a group of computers and associated devices such as printer and servers that share a common communication line and other resources within a small geographic area
    (LAN) local area network
  39. What software / hardware is used to prevent unauthorized access from a computer system or network of computer systems
  40. What is the only known and trusted routes exist or are propagated from one part of the Comcast network to another
    Sanitized routing
  41. What converts the incoming light to RF signals for the coaxial cable outputs
    (Node) Optical reciever
  42. What is the feature of CDV that ensures the customers name and number are marked private or anonymous
    Caller ID blocking (*67 activate / deactivate *82)
  43. What is a technique by which several hosts or computers share a single IP address for access to the Internet
    (NAT) Network Address Translation
  44. What is a system of computer peripherals , terminals, and databases connected by communication lines
  45. What does the green wire mean in telemetry
  46. What shows location of electrical equipment , including the head end and hubs, also amps, power supplies, and taps
    Design map
  47. What is the formula for carrier to noise (C/N)
  48. What is it called when problems in the return path become stronger as more interferences are added to the return path signals
    The funneling effect
  49. What is a feature of CDV that ensures a customer that the number of the last incoming caller is traced so that the appropriate action may be taken against the harassing party
    Call trace * 57
  50. What are the 5 ways adults take in and process new information
    • Variety
    • Expierence
    • Relevance
    • Brevity
    • Self discovery
  51. What contains coaxial cable , amplifiers , passive devices , directional couplers , in-line equalizers , in-line conditioners , and taps
    The RF distribution system
  52. What are 5 ways to minimize anxiety
    • Remember the audience is your friend
    • Memorize the most important parts of what youll say
    • Practice possitive self talk
    • Breathe
    • Check your appearance
  53. Your voice consists of what 4 components
    • Rate
    • Volume
    • Force
    • Pitch
  54. What are 3 types of adult learning styles
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Tactile
  55. What is a signal splitting device that plugs into a trunk/bridger chassis (used at output of bridger module)
    Feeder maker
  56. What boosts low lever signals from pre-amp to levels suitable to system speakers (reproduces sound quality / minimizes distortion)
    Power amp
  57. What recieves signal form the trunk module
    Bridger amp
  58. Developed to replace tree and branch architecture as networks were rebuilt or upgraded
    (HFC) Hybrid fiber coax
  59. What uses multiple surround sound decoders (identifies surround sound format and passes it to decoders)
    Sourround sound processor
  60. What are the 2 best types of audio connections (capable of 5.1 surround sound/digital audio)
    • Optial digital - toslink / EIA-J
    • Coaxial digital - RCA (phono)
  61. What allows a group of phone stations to access a common set of telephone lines
    (KSU) Key system
  62. What has the functionality of a key system plus additional features (has the ability to transfer calls to a different office through Ethernet connection)
    • Hybrid key system or
    • Hybrid PBX
  63. What is the telephone companies standard connecting block called
  64. What block is used for data applications
  65. What is used to manage wire on telecommunications boards to avoid kinks or sharp bends
    Mushroom spool (1-3ft excess wire for punch downs)
  66. POP + SMTP uses what two ports
    25 , 80
  67. What's the D-mark in business voice
    Up to the right side of the 66-block
  68. What is the crossing of modulation from one channel to another? Typically manifests itself as a vertical bar (separates 2 chs apart)
    (XMOD) cross modulation
  69. What piece of equipment deletes unused channel and inserts local feed (all in one device)
    Channel deletion filter, modulator , and combinder
  70. What deletes unused channel for insertion of a local feed
    Channel deletion filter
  71. What device takes cable input and processes it so the customers tv can display authorized services?
    (DCT) digital consumer terminal
  72. In business video the technicians D-mark is at the ground block unless...?
    The tap is the communications room, the tap becomes the D-mark
  73. What is the the equipment from telco that provides internet
    DSL modem
  74. What forwards requests for a particular ip port pair to another ip port pair (commonly used on publicly connected hosts to make an internal service available to a larger network)
    (PAT) port address translation
  75. Combined with ip address, what allows a device to know which other addresses are local to it and which must be reached through a gateway or router
    Subnet mask
  76. What works by separating successive pictures into 2 types of video information that which stays the same from picture to picture and that which changes from picture to picture ? ( because the static information doesn't have to be redrawn from scratch in each successive picture)(uses less bandwidth)
    Digital compression
  77. What is calculated by comparing the previous and successive pictures and recording only the changes in the picture
    (P-pictures) Predictive pictures
  78. This is our demarcation point. Bridger clips separate company side from customer side. What is it called?
    CLEC block (Comcast block)
  79. Standards, specification to provide protected digital entertainment in the home
    (DTCP) digital transmission content protection
  80. Good eye control serves 2 purposes , what are they
    • Tells the listener something about you
    • It allows you to learn something about the listener
  81. What are the 6 key selling techniques
    • Build a rapport
    • Ask questions
    • Listen
    • Position the product
    • Communicate the benefits
    • Ask for the sale
  82. What are 3 ways to build a rapport
    • Possitive tone a voice
    • Possitive body language
    • Personalizing
  83. What controls and switches components that may include equalization functions
    Pre-amp (comes before amp)
  84. What is the device that usually a screw used to connect the coaxial cables center conductor to an active or passive device
    Seizer mechanism (siezer screw)
  85. System noise , CSO , CTB , distortion due to lasers, clipping modulator problems is caused by what
    Non-transient ingress
  86. The process of compression band decompression is?
  87. What is a form of phase modulation which is accomplished by the use of discrete number states
    Phase shift keying
  88. What is a high speed line or series of connections that form a major pathway within a network ?
  89. What converts the lower level trunk signals to a higher output that can be used for distribution
    Bridger amp
  90. What is the amount of DB loss per 100ft of RG6 @ 550 MHz
    4.90 DB
  91. What is the amount of signal DB loss per 100ft of RG6 @ 55 MHz
  92. What is a mathematical value derived from the number and severity of leaks in the cable system
    (CLI) cumulative leakage index
  93. What are 3 listening strategies ?
    • Paraphrasing
    • Passive listening
    • Offering agreement responses
  94. What is the video rule of 3
    • Welcome kit
    • Onscreen guide
    • VOD
  95. What is the rule of 3 for CDV
    • Confirm new telephone number
    • Voicemail
    • Smartzone
  96. What is the rule of 3 for xi
    • Homepage
    • Benefits
  97. What type of connector does Ethernet use
  98. This has two 50 pin connectors at each end of a 25 pair cable that connects emta to distribution block
  99. This is the ILEC network interface.
    T1 (supplies 1.54 MB/sec data throughput)
  100. What is the D-mark with business xi
    Confirm output at the LAN side
  101. What converts coaxial signal back to Ethernet
    (MPO) mega port outlet
  102. What converts ethernet back to coaxial signal
    (MPG) mega port gateway (connects with Ip3 server)
  103. What is an Internet access gateway server for guests, found between the modem and the router and the rest of the network
    IP3 Net access server
  104. What uses internal modem to transmit sales transaction data using the telephone line
    (POS) point of sale system
  105. What is the standard interface for connecting multiple line telephone equipment
  106. What is the device that acts as a focal point in connecting multiple computers within on local area network (LAN)
  107. Using a public network, what establishes a secure connection to an organizations private network
    (VPN) Virtual private network
  108. What is a group of computers geographically far apart, but are connected
    (WAN) Wide area network
  109. What is a portion of a network that shares a common address component / all devices whose ip addresses have the same prefix
  110. What is a unit of measurement used for describing the wavelengths of light
    Nano meter (1 billionth of a meter)
  111. What is the name of standards used for coding audio- visual information in a digital compressed format
  112. What calling feature allows different phone numbers to reach the same phone with different ring patterns
    Distinctive ring
  113. the difference in a peak carrier level measured in DBMV to the noise level also measured in DBMV
    C/N ratio
  114. What * code would a customer dial to use call hold feature
  115. Connects regional markets
    (CRAN) converged regional area network
  116. What is used where cable doesn't quite reach- to extend distances- to extend the reach of cable I in a ped
    Extention fitting
  117. A device or software the enables compression and decompression for digital video
    Video codec
  118. Various manufactures offer these small punch downs for telephone outlets, many with RJ-31x alarm interface built in, called?
    Telephone distribution panels
  119. What is the termination point for all outlets within a building or suite
    Customer neutral block
  120. What is the feed point from the original provider called
    ILEC block
  121. What is a method where additional data bits are added to the digital video bit stream to help identify and correct any errors any errors that may be caused by the transmission system
    (FEC) forward error correction
  122. What is the amount of DB loss per 100ft of RG6 @ 55 MHz
  123. What provides a means of physically mourning the various modules into housing , sometimes called a motherboard , usually contains stations diplex filters, provides power distribution from dc power supply to each module
    Amp chassis
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