A&P II Chapter 20

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  1. Small thin channels collect and carry tissue fluid from the body to ultimately drain back into the blood stream.
  2. The lymph vessels use the contraction of skeletal muscles and ___ for movement the lymph
    Lymphatic valves
  3. Lymph transport system begins in microscopic blind ended ___
    Lymphatic Capillaries
  4. ___ is a lymph vessel that carries lymph, and is formed by union of many efferent lymph vessels.
    Lymph trunk
  5. Two lymph ducts in the body are ___ & ___
    • 1 Right lymph duct
    • 2 Thoracic duct.
  6. A ___ is a great lymphatic vessel that empties lymph into one of the subclavian veins.
    Lymph duct
  7. Lymph from right upper body, right side of head & thorax is drained into
    Right lymph duct
  8. Lymph from left upper body & lower body is drained into
    Thoracic duct.
  9. ___ collects lymph from lumber trunks & intestinal trunk
    Cisterna chyli
  10. ___ cells regulates the immune response or directly attract and destroy foreign cells.
  11. ___ produce plasma cells that secrete antibodies that will immobilize antigens
  12. ___ is made in the red marrow (neutrophils or monocytes) which will phagocytize foreign substances and activate T-cells
    Macrophages (WBC)
  13. Fibroblasts that produce the reticular fiber network which supports other cells in lymphoid organs.
    Recticular Cells
  14. ___ functions to house lymphocytes, and strategic point for Lymphocyte & Microphages
  15. Large lymph nodes are located at ___ region
    Cervical, Inguinal & axillary
  16. ___ act as a lymph filter where macrophages reside to phagocytize and lymphocytes are ready to be activated and attack against antigens.
    Lymph Node
  17. Lymph Nodes contains __ and __ vessels
    Afferent & Efferent
  18. ___ is a Lymphoid organ located at left upper quadrant,or left hypochondriac region
  19. Spleen is located behind the stomach and beneath the ___
  20. Spleen stores ___ and __
    Iron, Platelets
  21. RBC production in fetus is carried by ___
  22. After splenectomy macrophages in __ & __ take over its function
    Liver, Bone
  23. ___ is large in infant,growth through adolescence, then atrophies
    Thymus Gland
  24. T lymphocyte is maturated in ___
    Thymus Gland
  25. MALT stands for ___
    Mucosal Associated Lymphatic Tissue
  26. MALTS are
    • Tonsils
    • Peyer's Patch
    • Appendix
    • wall of bronchi
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