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  1. Loyola
    • Spanish
    • Raised as a knight
    • After wounded spiritual conversion
    • Devoted himself to god 7hrs a day praying
  2. Erasmus
    • Leader in the humanistic movement
    • Believed in the human capacity of self impovement
    • disagreed with the abuse of the church
  3. Bernini
    • Italian artist
    • leading sculptor of his age
    • astonishing realism in marble
    • Sculpted "the david"
  4. John Huss
    • Csech Reformer
    • Buned at the stake fo opposing the church
    • Rebellion to the church caused "Hussite wars"
  5. Richeliu
    • French
    • Kings chief minister
    • organized france into centralized state
    • ensured French Dominance in the 30 yr war
  6. Giotto
    • Italian architect from Florence
    • One of the the first to contribute to the renaissance
    • Started drawing accuately and life-like which was neglected for over 200 years
  7. Massacio
    • Italian painter
    • Consideed best artist from italian renassance
    • First one to use linear perspective
  8. Mirandola
    • Italian philosopher
    • early age defended 900 thesis of religion, philosophy and magic
    • Wrote "Oration Dignity of Man" which was a key to early hummanism
  9. Machiavelli
    • Political Philosopher
    • Founding fathers of modern political Science
    • Wrote the Prince that book formed politics
  10. Martin Luther
    • German theologian
    • Excommunicated by the Church
    • Translated the Bible
    • opposed the Church
  11. Albrecht Durer
    • German artist
    • one fo the first landscape artist
    • very popular for printmaking
    • Greatest of the Nothern renaissance
  12. John Calvin
    • French Theologian
    • Principal Figure in development of christian theology
    • reformed the church from within
  13. Peter the Great
    • Reformed russia from knowledge from the east
    • Caused wars to improve russian status
    • Created new order known as the table of ranks
    • Table: you rose to top by ability not birth right
  14. Akbar
    • Mugal Emperor
    • Culture and art rose to zenith duing his reign
    • Rose to power age 13
    • Pushed art and culture
  15. Adolphus
    • King of Sweden
    • Greatest military commanders of time
    • battle of breitenfield greatest victory
    • extemly efficient when it came to war
  16. Da Gama
    • Portuguese explorer
    • one of the Greatest in the age of discovery
    • Governor of Portugal and India
  17. John Locke
    • English Philosopher
    • most influential out of the enlightenment thinkers
    • developed on political philosophy
    • influenced the declaration of independance
  18. Sulieman
    • turkish
    • longest sultan of the ottoman empire
    • reconstruction of the Ottoman legal system
    • Dominated the mediteranian to the persian gulf
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