Management 8

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  1. strategic management
    what managers do to develop an organizations stratagies
  2. strategies
    plans for how an organization will do what it's in business to do, how it will compete successfully, and how it will attract and satisfy its customers in order to achieve its goals
  3. business model
    a design for how a company is going to make money
  4. resources
    an organizations assets that are ued ot develop, manufacture, and deliver products to its customers
  5. capabilities
    an organizations skills and abilities in doing the activiities needed in its business
  6. swot analysis
    analysis of an organizations strengths and weaknesses (internal) and opportunities and threats (external)
  7. core competencies
    the organizations major value-creating capabilities that determine its competitive weapons
  8. corporate strategy
    grow, remain stable, renew; specifies what businesses a company is or wants to be and what it wants to do with those businesses
  9. growth strategy
    an organization wants to expand the market or products through current or new business; concentration, vertical intergration (own supplier), horizontal intergration (buy out), diversification, auisition, merger
  10. stability strategy
    corporate strategy in which an organization continues to do what it is doing
  11. renewal strategy
    corporate strategy designed to address declining performance
  12. competetive strategy (bissines/generic)
    an organizational strategy for how an organization will compete in business; cost leader, differentiation, niche
  13. organizational strategies
    corporate, competitive/business/generic, functional
  14. functional strategies
    organizational strategy used by organizations various functional departments (strategic bussiness units) to support organizations competetive strategy; marketing, operational, human resources, information technology
  15. first mover advantage
    an organzation that is first to bring a product innovation to market or to use a new process innovation
  16. innovation strategies
    shaped by innovation emphasis and inovation timing and focus on process development
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