11.2, GA infections, inflammations and toxic conditions

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  1. actinobacillosis (wooden tongue)
    disease of cattle infected with Actinobacillus lignieresi, which causes localized, firm swelling of tongue
  2. actinomycosis (lumpy jaw)
    disease of cattle infected with Actinomyces bovis, causing periostitis of jaws with soft tissue reaction
  3. ancylostomiasis
    infection with hookworm, member of genus ancylostoma
  4. anusitis
    inflammation of anus
  5. aphthous stomatitis
    ulcer of mucous membranes of mouth
  6. ascariasis
    infection with parasitic intestinal roundworms of genus Ascaris
  7. bovine virus diarrhea/mucosal disease (BVD/MD)
    contagious disease of cattle
  8. cheilitis
    inflammation of lip
  9. cholangiolitis
    bile duct inflammation
  10. cholecystitis
    inflammation of gallbladder
  11. colic
    severe abdominal pain
  12. colitis
    inflammation of colon
  13. colitis X
    rapidly fatal colitis of horses causing profuse diarrhea and profound dehydration, sometimes occurring in outbreaks; cause unknown
  14. cysticercosis
    infection with tapeworm larvae of genus Cysticercus
  15. displaced abomasum
    chronic disease of recently calved cows when abomasum becomes trapped under rumen
  16. distomiasis
    infection with trematode worm of genus Fasciola
  17. diverticulitis
    inflammation of one or more diverticula (pockets) in intestine
  18. duodenitis
    inflammation of duodenum
  19. dysentery
    any of a number of disorders that involve inflammation of intestines, particularly colon
  20. enteritis
    inflammation of intestines, particularly small intestine
  21. enterocolitis
    inflammation of colon and small intestine
  22. enterogastritis
    inflammation of intestines and stomach (also called gastroenteritis)
  23. esophagitis
    inflammation of esophagus
  24. gastric dilation and volvulus (bloat)
    seen most often in large-breed dogs; cause unclear, but aerophagia and overeating are factors
  25. gastritis
    inflammation of stomach
  26. giardiasis
    parasitic infection of intestinal tract caused by protozoa Giardia lamblia
  27. gingivitis
    inflammation of gums
  28. glossitis
    inflammation of tongue
  29. hepatitis
    inflammation of liver caused by toxic or viral causes
  30. herpes simplex
    virus causing sores of fever blister in humans and primates and fatal disease in owl monkeys and tree shrews
  31. ileitis
    inflammation of ileum
  32. Johne's disease (paratuberculosis)
    chronic wasting disease of cattle caused by Mycobacterium paratuberculosis
  33. oxyuriasis
    infestation of Oxyuris nematodes causing intense perianal itching in horses
  34. pancreatitis
    inflammation of pancreas
  35. peritonitis
    inflammation of peritoneum
  36. pinworm
    any oxyurid, especially noted in horses, rabbits, hamsters and mice
  37. Potomic horse fever
    highly fatal enterocolitis disease caused by Ehrlichia risticii, characterized by high fever, leukopenia and acute diarrhea
  38. proctitis
    inflammation of rectum
  39. salmonellosis
    highly contagious zoonotic disease of all animal species caused by Salmonella bacteria; may cause acute or chronic enteritis and other symptoms; of particular importance to people involved in food hygiene
  40. scours
    diarrhea caused by dietary changes, nutritional deficiency, or parasites
  41. shigellosis
    acute, highy fatal septicemia of very young foals caused by Actinobacillus equuli with characteristics of diarrhea, fever, prostration and dyspnea
  42. sialoadentitis
    inflammation of salivary glands
  43. strongyle
    any roundworm in family Strongylidae
  44. strongyloidiasis
    infection with intestinal roundworm of genus Strongyloides, not to be confused wih Strongylus
  45. traumatic reticulitis (hardware disease)
    ingestion of foreign objects, which settle in reticulum, causing digestive problems and possible complications of peritonitis as a result of perforation of reticulum or pericarditis because of pericardium perforation
  46. trichuriasis
    infection with an intestinal paraite of genus Trichuris
  47. verminous colic
    colic resulting from an abundance of parasites, usually small strongyles
  48. wet tail (proliferative ileitis, regional enteritis)
    disease of hamsters, thought to be associated with Campylobacter jejuni; symptoms of diarrhea and dehydration
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