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  1. which of the following elements makes protein different from carbohdrates and fats?
  2. how many amino acids are essential?
    9 essential amino acids
  3. a/an ___ bond connect the acid end of one amino acid with that of another forming a link in a protein chain
  4. ____ ____ is responsible for converting the inactive form of pepsinogen to its active form, pepsin in the stomach
    hydrochloric acid
  5. instructions for making every protein in a persons body are stored in the ?
  6. which of the following is a function of enzymes
    all of these choices
  7. during times of critical illness or protein malnutrition, plasma protein leaks out of the blood vessels into the tissue causing swelling.. the swelling is called
  8. the process____ is the making of glucose from noncarbohydrate sources such as amino acids
  9. an adequate supply of ____ and fats spare amino acids
  10. to prevent upsetting the acid base balance of the blood the liver combines amonia with ___to make urea
    carbon dioxide
  11. which of the following carbohydrates is not a monosaccharide
  12. which of the following monosaccharide combinations make up the lactose
    glucose + galactose
  13. ____ is the sweetest sugars
  14. which location along the GI tract is responsible for the most of the workof carbohydrate digestion
    small intestine
  15. which of the following locations in the body store glycogen?
    • muscles liver
    • all of these choices
  16. when blood glucose falls the liver cells break down glycogen by ______reactions into single molecules of glucose and release them into the blood stream
  17. by following my pyramid and making careful food selections a typical adult can obtain all the needed nutrients within an allownace of about ___Kcalories
  18. diets rich in fiber may providfe which of the following health benefits
    all of these choices
  19. the DRI recommendation for the fiber intake is
    25-35 grams per day
  20. _____ contributes about half of the added sugars inthe US food ...accounts for about 10% if the average energy intake in the
  21. which of the following elements is not part of various lipid compounds
  22. in the body, trans fatty acids that derive from hydrogenation behave >>>------ fats
  23. emulsifiers help mix fats with
  24. which of the following is not a sterol compound found in the body
  25. fats are ___, meaning that they tend to seperate from the water tract
  26. of the locations which one is the site of the greatest amount of digestion
    small intestines
  27. the excretion of bile in the feces helps reduce
    blood cholesterol
  28. chylomicrons bypass which organ at first as they travel through the ___after being released from the intestinal cell
  29. this lipoprotein is responsible for removing cholesterol from cells ??? cholesterol back to the liver for recyling or disposal
    HDL high density lipoproteins
  30. one pound of body fat equals to ___-kcalories
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