11.4 GA oncology, surgical procedures and laboratory tests and procedures

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  1. cholangioma
    bile duct tumor
  2. dentigerous cyst
    cyst containing tooth or teeth
  3. epulis
    any tumor of gingivae such as abscess or gumboil
  4. hepatoma
    malignant tumor of liver (hepatocarcinoma)
  5. odontoma
    tumor of dental tissue
  6. polyp
    small, tumorlike growth on mucous membrane surface, especially throat or intestines
  7. abdominocentesis
    paracentesis of abdominal cavity (also called celiocentesis)
  8. abomasopexy
    fixation of abomasum to correct displacement
  9. cecostomy
    creation of artificial opening into cecum
  10. celiotomy
    incision into the abdomen (same as a laparotomy)
  11. cheiloplasy
    repair of lip
  12. cholecystectomy
    excision of gallbladder
  13. colostomy
    formation of artificial opening into colon from surface of body
  14. enteropexy
    fixation of intestine to abdominal wall
  15. enterostomy
    creation of opening into intestine though abdominal wall
  16. enterotomy
    incision into intestine
  17. esophaotomy
    incision into esophagus
  18. exteriorize
    transpose internal organ to outside of body
  19. gastrectomy
    total or partial excision of stomach
  20. gastropexy
    fixation of stomach
  21. gastroplasty
    repair of stomach
  22. gastrostomy
    creation of opening into stomach
  23. gastrotomy
    incision into stomach
  24. hernioplasty
    repair of hernia
  25. herniorrhaphy
    suture or repair of hernia
  26. laparotomy
    incision into the abdomen (same as celiotomy)
  27. pancreatectomy
    surgical removal of all or part of pancreas
  28. paracentesis
    surgical puncture of cavity for fluid aspiration
  29. pharyngotomy
    incision into pharynx
  30. proctopexy
    fixation of prolapsed rectum to adjacent tissues
  31. rumenotomy
    incision into the rumen
  32. biopsy
    insertion of needle to obtain sample of tissues in organs such as liver to detect abnormalities and diseases
  33. amylase
    pancreatic enzyme elevated in disease of pancreas or salivary glands
  34. bromsulphalein
    injected and found retained in blood over specified time period
  35. insulin test
    to determine amount of insulin secreted by pancreas after fasting and again after receiving glucose
  36. lactic dehydrogenase isoenzymes
    pattern of distribution is diagnostic for liver disease
  37. liver function test
    to determine damage or disease, normal exzymes or injected chemicals are measured for elevation or retention in blood serum
  38. total alkaline phosphatase
    increased levels indicate liver disease
  39. transaminases
    alanin aminotransferase (formerly known as SGPT), liver specific for dogs, cats, and primates; aspartate aminotransferase (formerly known as SGOT), not organ specific but will increase with liver damage and must be run with other enzyme tests
  40. colonoscopy
    examination of colon
  41. endoscope
    tubelike device with light and refracting mirrors that is used to examine internal body areas for abnormalities ad to remove tissue samples and small growths
  42. esophagoscopy
    examination of esophagus
  43. gastroscopy
    examination of stomach and upper GI tracts
  44. protoscopy
    examination of anus and rectum
  45. barium enema
    studies using contract media to visualize colon and rectum
  46. gastrointestinal series
    X-ray studies of esophagus, stomach, and small intestine, after swallowing contrast medium such as barium; large intestine is visualized by use of barium enema
  47. X-ray scans
    X-ray studies of liver, spleen, and pancreas to detect tumors or other abnormalities
  48. combined fatty acids test
    to determine ability to digest fat
  49. parasites test
    microscopic examination of fecal matter to detect parasitic infection
  50. stool culture
    fecal matter incubated in growth media to detect presence of microorganisms
  51. trypsin activity
    reduction indicates disease of exocrine portion of pancreatic function
  52. urobilinogen
    metabolic product that decreases in liver and gallbladder diseases
  53. amylase
    elevated in pancreatitis
  54. inulin clearance
    rate of excretion of inulin indicates presence of liver disease
  55. oral glucose tolerance test
    measurable level of sugar present indicates metabolic disorder
  56. qualitative glucose
    present in metabolic disease such as diabetes
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