3003 chap 6

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  1. compositional models
    • conversations
    • comments and critiques
    • orientations
    • summaries
    • reference materials
    • narratives
    • teasers
    • status updates and announcements
  2. social networks
    online services that enable individual and organizational members to form connections and share information.
  3. sentiment analysis
    intirguing research technique in which companies track social networks and other media with automated language analysis software that tries to take the pulse of public opinion and identify influential opinion makes..
  4. UGC
    user generated content sites
    which users rather than website owners contribute most or alll of the content, have also become serious tools.
  5. three step process for successful IM
    • planning instant messages
    • writing instant messages
    • completing instatnt messages
  6. describe the business benefits of IM and identify guidelines for effective IM in the workplace
    • capability for rapid response to urgent messages
    • lower cost than phone calls and email
    • ability to mimic conversation more closely than email
    • availability on wide range of devices
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