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  1. breakfast
    aa haan (r) chao (h)
  2. lunch
    • aa haan (r) thiang (f)
    • aa haan (r) glaang wan
  3. dinner (before 6pm)
    aa haan (r) yen
  4. dinner (after 7pm)
    aa haan (r) kham (f)
  5. daytime
    wee laa glaang wan
  6. evening/night time
    wee laa glaang kheun
  7. 6am to 10am
    # mong chao (h)
  8. 11am
    sip et mong
  9. 12pm
    thiang (f) wan, thiang (f)
  10. 1pm
    baai (l) mong
  11. 2pm-3pm
    baai (l) # mong
  12. 4pm-6pm
    # mong yen
  13. 7pm
    neung thum (f)
  14. 8pm
    saong (r) thum (f)
  15. 9pm
    saam (r) thum (f)
  16. 10pm
    sii thum (f)
  17. 11pm
    hah (f) thum (f)
  18. 12am
    thiang (f) kheun
  19. 1am to 5am
    dtii #
  20. o' clock
  21. __:30
    kreung (f)
  22. what time is it? (when asking between 6am to 6pm)
    gi moong ka?
  23. what time is it? (when asking between 7pm and 12am)
    gi thum (f) ka?
  24. what time is it? (when asking between 1am and 6am)
    dtii arrai ka?
  25. morning (6-9am)
    dtawn chao (h)
  26. mid morning (9am-12pm)
    dtawn saai (r)
  27. afternoon (12-1pm)
    dtawn thiang (f)
  28. mid afternoon (1-3pm)
    dtawn baai (l)
  29. early evening (4-6pm)
    dtawn yen
  30. evening (6-8pm)
    dtawn kham (f) or dtawn hua (r) kham (f)
  31. late evening (8-11pm)
    dtawn glaang kheun
  32. night (11pm-3am)
    dtawn deuk (l)
  33. early morning (3-6am)
    dtawn chao (h) meut (f) or dtawn chao (h)
  34. hour
    chua (f) moong
  35. minute
    naa thii
  36. second
    wi (h) naa thii
  37. what time do you start work?
    khun rheum (r) tham ngaan gi moong ka?
  38. this afternoon
    • dtawn baai nii (h) or
    • baai nii
  39. wednesday afternoon
    • baai wan phut
    • or
    • wan phut dtawn baai
  40. summer (hot season)
    • rheu (h) duu rawn (h) or
    • naa (f) rawn (h)
  41. autumn/fall season
    rheu (h) duu bai mai (h) rhuang (f)
  42. rainy season
    rheu (h) duu fon (r) or naa (f) fon (r)
  43. cold/winter season
    • rheu (h) duu naao (r) or
    • naa (f) naao (r)
  44. spring season
    rheu (h) duu bai mai (h) phli (l)
  45. damp/wet
    cheu (l) chEE (l)
  46. damp floor
    peun (h) cheu (l) chEE (l)
  47. fog
    mawk (l)
  48. dew
    nam (h) khaang (h)
  49. flood
    nam (h) thuam (f)
  50. allergies
    phEE (h) aa gaat (l)
  51. sneeze
  52. cough
    ai (mid tone)
  53. snow
    hi (l) ma (h)
  54. mud
  55. pothole
    lum (r)
  56. cloud
    meek (f)
  57. sky
    thawng (h) faa (h)
  58. slip (v)
    leun (f)
  59. dry
    • lEEng (h) or
    • hEEng (f) lEEng (h)
  60. lightning
    faa (h) lEEp (f)
  61. lightning strike
    faa (h) phaa (l)
  62. thunder
    faa (h) rawng (h)
  63. strong wind
    lom rEEng
  64. storm
    phaa yu (h)
  65. how many seasons does Thailand have?
    bpra theet (f) thai mii gii rheu duu ka?
  66. in thailand, how many months is the hot season?
    thii bpra theet thai rheu duu rawn mii gii deuan ka?
  67. do you like rainy season?
    khun chawp (f) naa fon mai ka?
  68. i like, but if it's very rainy, it causes a flood.
    di chan chawp, dtEE thaa (f) fon (r) dtok (l) nak (l) tham hai (f) nam (h) thuam (f).
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