12.4 male reproductive organs and related anatomic terms

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  1. bulbourethral glands
    glands located on either side of urethra whose alkaline secretion has protective function for sperm (also called Cowper's glands)
  2. ejaculatory ducts
    two short tubes formed by joining of vas deferens and ducts of seminal vesicles, which pass through prostate and extend to the urethra
  3. epididymis, epididymides
    pair of tightly coiled tubelike structures that secrete part of semen, serve as storage areas for sperm before ejaculation and provide passageways for sperm from testes to the body surface
  4. glans penis
    slight bulge at distal edge of penis
  5. Leydig's cells
    specialized interstitial cells that secrete male sex hormone testosterone
  6. penis
    male sex organ, containing urethra, which carries both reproductive tract secretions and urine to body surface
  7. prepuce
    retractible, double fold of skin covering glans penis
  8. prostate
    gland surrounding urethra, secreting thick, alkaline substance that makes up part of seminal fluid
  9. scrotum
    saclike, skin-covered structure, hanging from perineal area, containing testes, epididymides, and part of spermatic cords.
  10. semen
    secretion discharged by male reproductive organs, containing spermatozoa
  11. seminal vesicles
    two twisted pouches lying along dorsal surface of bladder, ventral to rectum, which secrete liquid part of semen and prostaglandins
  12. seminiferous tubules
    coiled tubulues within testes that produce sperm cells
  13. Sertoli's cells
    cells in testis that support and nourish sperm germ
  14. sigmoid flexure
    S-shaped flexure of penis of bull, ram and boar
  15. spermatic cords
    white, fibrous tissue encasing cas deferens, blood and lymph vessels, and nerves
  16. spermatid
    germ cell developing into a spermatozoon (also called spermatoblast)
  17. spermatozoon, spermatozoa
    male reproductive (sperm) cell (plural)
  18. testis
    egg-shaped male gland (also called testicle) that produces spermatozoa and secretes hormones (orchis refers to testes)
  19. vas deferens
    excretory duct of testis that joins epididymis with ejaculatory duct (also called ductus deferens)
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