overview of health science midterm

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  1. why does an individual maintain a better state of health under health management organizations (HMOs)?
    ready access to health examinations and early treatment and detection of disease
  2. T/F
    insurance plans vary in the amount of payment and the type of services covered
  3. what is the name of the federal agency established at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to research CAM therapies and determine standards of quality care?
    National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)
  4. what government insurance program provides health care to uninsured children of working fmailies who earn too little to afford private insurance but too much to be eligible for Medicaid?
    State Children's Health Insurance Program
  5. T/F
    Holistic health care promotes physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being
  6. the medicare coverage that assists with payments for pharmaceutical (medication) expenses is ___
    type D
  7. which of the following types of care can be offered by a home health care agency?

    a. nursing care
    b. speech therapy
    c. house cleaning
    d. all of the above
    d. all of the above
  8. what services are provided by dental labs
    prep of dentures and other divices used to repair or replace teeth
  9. T/F
    each state has the right to establish its own eligibility standards, determine the type of services covered, and set the rate of payment for health care provided under Medicare
  10. the main type of care provided by hospice is ___ care
    Palliative care - people with life-threatening illness
  11. ways to promote physical wellness include:

    A. avoiding alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs, and risky sexual behavior
    B. understanding personal feelings and expressing them
    C. being creative, logical, curious, and open minded
    D. maintaining an optimistic outlook
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  12. which of the following is not a purpose for an organizational chart?

    A. provides a sliding scale of responsiblities to determine salary
    B. leads to the most efficient operation of a health care facility
    C. encompasses a line of authority or chain of command
    D. IDs immediate supervisors
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  13. what is the name of the federal agency that researches the quality of health care delivery and IDs the standards of treatment that should be provided?
    Agency for Health care Policy and Research (AHCPR)
  14. what are three groups of poeple that are covered by Medicare?
    • all individuals over the age of 65
    • any person with a disability who has recieved SS benefits for at least 2 years
    • and any person with end-stange renal disease
  15. disinfectants and antiseptics were first used to prevent infection during the surgery by who?
    joseph lister
  16. T/F
    medicare is a medical assistance program for individuals who are physically disabled or blind
  17. T/F
    an organizational structure should indicate areas of responsibility and lead to the msot efficient operation of a facility
  18. T/F
    TRICARE is a governement program that provides health care for all military active duty members and their families
  19. a long-term care facility designed to provide services to patients who need rehabilitations to recover from major illness, treatment for cancer, dialysis for kidney disease, or heart monitoring are called..?
    extended care facilities
  20. T/F
    hospice agencies provide support to family following a patient's death
  21. the CAM therapy that encourages the use of certain vitamins to neutalize free radicals is

    A. phytochemicals
    B. herbal medicine
    C. macrobiotic diet
    D. antioxidants
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  22. T/F
    William Harvey's invention of the microscope is the basis of microbiology today
    • false
    • Anton van Leeuwenhoek invented the microscope
  23. T/F
    the health care worker should understand the functions and goals of an employing organization
  24. the professional education of nurses was started by..?
    florence nightingale
  25. T/F
    The Health Insurance Protability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) prohibits discrimination against an employee or beneficiary based on health status
  26. T/F
    managed care is a concept that has developed in response to rising health care costs
  27. if a hospital bill is $500 and an insured individual has an 85%-15% co-insurance, what amount of money must be paid by the insured person?
  28. T/F
    most assisted or independent living facilities are associated with nursing homes, extended care facilities and/or skilled-care facilities
  29. T/F
    pallative care is care that is provided by genetic counselors when a genetic defect is detected in the developing fetus during pregnancy
  30. the CAM practitioner who believes that a life energy flows thru every living person in an invisible system of meridians is a/an..?
    Chinese medicine practitioner
  31. T/F
    the HIPAA requires the standardization of electronic health care records in all health care agencies.
  32. T/F
    hospitals are classified as general, speciality, or gov depending on the sources of income received
  33. obtaining continual learning and using common sense are examples of ways to promote

    A. emotional wellness
    B. spiritual wellness
    C. social wellness
    D. mental and intellectual wellness
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  34. HIPAA ___.

    A. IDs exclusions on certain illnesses so insurance can be discounted
    B. adopts electronic standards that increase the cost of health care
    C. provides strict guidelines for maintaining confidentiality of health care info
    D. prevents the use of medical savings accounts to prevent fraud
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  35. T/F
    nonprofit agencies are frequently called voluntary agencies because they use only volunteers to provide health services
  36. T/F
    The World Health Organizations (WHO) is an international agency sponsored by the United Nations to constantly monitor health problems thruout the world
  37. T/F
    the ancient Romans believed in the need to treat the whole body by curing the spirit and nourishing the body
  38. the CAM therapy that uses breathing and muscle relaxation techniques to quiet the mind by focusing attn on obtaining a sense of oneness is ..?
  39. What is the federal act that requires states to establish training and competency evaluation programs for nursing and geriatric assistants?
    Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1987
  40. which of the following is a component of the HIPAA?

    a. preventing health care fraud and abuse
    b. all of the above
    c. health care access, protability, and renewability
    d. tax-related health provisions
  41. T/F
    the term clinic can refer to a group of medical or dental doctors who share a facility and other personnel
  42. provide a variety of services in a patient's home
    home health care
  43. located in large companies or industries
    industrial health care centers
  44. provide care for terminally ill persons
    hospice agencies
  45. provide total health care directed toward preventative health care
    • HMOs
    • health maintainance organizations
  46. provide care for individuals with physical or mental handicaps to allow max self-care and function
    rehabilitation facilities
  47. provide care for the teeth and dental diseases
    dental offices
  48. provide guidance, counseling, and chemical abuse treatment centers
    mental health facilities
  49. perform special diagnostic tests
  50. provide assistance and care for the elderly patients
    long-term care facilities
  51. provide care for accident or sudden illness
    emergency care services
  52. what is the name of the health insurance plan that provides treatment for workers injured on the job?
    worker's comp
  53. T/F
    Dorthea Dix founded the American Red Cross in 1881
    • false
    • Clara Barton
  54. T/F
    voluntary or nonprofit agencies are supported by donations, membership fees and federal or state grants
  55. T/F
    the first hospitals were established in ancient Rome when physicians began caring for patients in their homes
  56. which of the following viruses has the ability to cause a pandemic?

    a. moneky pox
    b. all of the above
    c. SARS virus
    d. hantavirus
  57. the name for the type of health care that offers both mainstream medical treatments and CAM therapies to treat a patient is a/an ..?
    integrative care
  58. the individual whose studies formed the basis for psychology and psychiatry is
    sigmund freud
  59. T/F
    deductibles are amounts of money subtracted from a bill by a health care agency if a person has insurance
  60. the CAM therapy based on the belief that illness and pain occur when Qi (life energy) is blocked as it flows thru meridians is
  61. T/F
    genetic counseling centers provide care to help patients with phsyical or mental disabilities obtain max self-care and function
  62. T/F
    vaccines to prevent cervical cancer and herpes zoster (shingles) were both approved by the FDA in 2006
  63. T/F
    the National Insitutes of Health (NIT) is an international agency sponsored by the United Nations
  64. T/F
    a proprietary hospital is a nonprofit hospital that relies on government funding
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