Forensics Exam 2-3

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  1. Swipe or Wipe? Blood
    • Swipe= bloody object transfers with an object
    • Wipe= Object wipes through blood stain
  2. What is Entemology good for? (5)
    • Time since death
    • site of trauma
    • geographic location of death
    • toxicology of decedent
    • identity of victim
  3. What is Insect Succession?
    The different waves and life cycles of insects found on body
  4. 5 stages of decay
    • Fresh Body
    • Bloat
    • Decay
    • Dry Up
    • Skeletal Remains
  5. What are the first bugs to arrive on a body?
    "True flies" or blow flies
  6. Other uses for Entemology
    • Food Contamination by insects
    • Lawsuits with insect/larve invasion of wound
    • Neglect and abuse cases
    • Insect nusance from agricultural production
  7. Sequence of entomological collection (5)
    • Visual observation and notification
    • Climate and Weather Data noted
    • Collection of specimens from body
    • Collection of specimens from surrounding area
    • Collection of specimens from under body
  8. Things to look for on body: (6 types of bugs)
    Eggs, maggots, puparia, adult flies, beetle larva, and any other insects.
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