midterm review

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  1. what is the most important things inviversity students of today should learn?
  2. one of the top ways to be creative is....
    attend art events
  3. 3 important points:
    • -you are already creative
    • -if you think you are creative, but continue on same path, you may be misjidging creative capacity
    • -enemies to creativity
  4. two ways to study creativity:
    • mentor model
    • abstract analysis
  5. what are two problems of people tryin to limit creativity of others?
    • identifying creative people will improve your life
    • you need to remove any negativity on yourself
  6. hat do creative people look like?
    • not afraid of taking a risk
    • not afraid of being wrong
    • they actually do something
  7. what do you need to do to develop creativity?
    do things that are new and challenging
  8. what are three ares of your life you can increase creativity?
    • work life
    • societal life
    • personal life
  9. what is creativity?
    • ability to create meaningful new forms
    • involve making something new that has value
  10. what are two important space that can inhibit or crate creativity?
    • school
    • homes-creative homes produce creative children
  11. what are 8 aspects of positive creativity?
    • creativity is amoral-it will make you better at what you do
    • creativity is universal- we all have it
    • creativity is granular- it has higher concentration in some places
    • creativity is multiple- many creativities within us
    • creativity is relative- letting other have own opinions is more creative
    • creativity is new-
    • creativity has value-
  12. what is a negation of creativity?
    it doesnt just happen- you have to have space, support, communication etc...
  13. one of the best ways to study creativity is _____
  14. definition of theory
    • study something in abstract way
    • categorizes, describe then attempt to explain phenomena
  15. when did theory start
    1960's and peaked 80's and 90's
  16. what did theory involve?
    linguistic turn
  17. what is formal theory?
    constituent component of any expression and their connection to meaning
  18. what is cultural theory?
    social, historical, political and other such areas asses deeper levels of meaning in various subjects
  19. wht is one of the msot important areas of research in creativity ?
  20. one of the msot important lessons:
    you need to be a lifelong learner if you want ot be creative
  21. what rae two outcomes as a result of universal education?
    • if teachers get you more involved it will be better
    • if the room is out of control, then teachers have to "teach to the average"
  22. what is first order thinking?
    least creative forms of thinking- cause and effect
  23. what are three kinds of health?
    • physical
    • mental
    • emotional
  24. three parts of your life for thought experiment?
    • personal life
    • professional life
    • emotional life
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