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  1. gastroscopy
    refers to visual examination of the stomach
  2. dyspepsia
    bad, painful, difficult digestion
  3. hematemesis
    vomiting blood
  4. ultrasound
    high-frequency sound waves that produce internal images of the body
  5. salivary glands
    glands that secrete saliva
  6. alimentary canal
    GI tract
  7. stomatalgia
    pain in the mouth
  8. duodenotomy
    incision of the duodenum
  9. hepatomegaly
    enlargement of the liver
  10. dysphagia
    painful swallowing
  11. cholecystectomy
    removal of gallbladder
  12. anastomosis
    surgical connection between two vessels
  13. sigmoidotomy
    incision of the sigmoid colon
  14. rectoplasty
    surgical repair of the rectum
  15. GERD
    reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus with heartburn
  16. ileostomy
    formation of an opening (mouth) into the ileum
  17. cholelithiasis
    presence or formtion of gallstones
  18. friable
    broken or pulverized
  19. choledochal
    bile duct
  20. bariatric
    treat morbid obesity
  21. hemoccult
    test detects blood, stool guiac
  22. nasogastric intubation
    tube nose-stomach for therpeutic and diagnostic purposes
  23. polyp
    benign growth, mucous membrane
  24. ascites
    accumulation of fluid in abdomen
  25. Crohn disease
    inflammatory bowel disease, ileum
  26. lithotripsy
    crushing stone
  27. fistula
    tubelike passage one organ to another or surface
  28. jaundice
    yellow discoloration
  29. barium enema
    exam rectum/colon
  30. IBD
    ulceration of mucosa colon
  31. hematochezia
    passage stools red blood
  32. volvulus
    twisting bowel
  33. cirrhosis
    liver disese destruction of liver cells/jaundice
  34. barium swallow
    exam esophogus, stomach, inestine
  35. IBS
    constipation, diarrhea, gas, etc
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