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  1. agent of typoid fever
    salmonella typhi
  2. Rose spots
    small macular red lesions on typoid fever patient
  3. typoid fever characteristics
    • high fever
    • rose spots
    • relative bradycardia
    • intestinal perforation
  4. noro virus animal resovior
    none, human only infection
  5. shigella infection
    • always needs treatment
    • cipro
    • azithromycin in pregnant patients and children 2-8
  6. given as an adjunct to antibiotics, this compound decreases rates of c.diff recurrence
  7. new onset asthma and abdominal pain
    Strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection syndrome
  8. Blastocystis hominis
    may be a pathogen and should be treated with nitozousoxinide
  9. Campylobacter infection
    • guillain Barre
    • postinfectious arthritis
    • Reiter s syndrome
  10. Yersinia infection
    reactive arthritis
  11. TTP-HUS
    Shigella or STEC - ecoli
  12. most common cause of acute diarrhea
    Viral agents 75% of world wide infection
  13. chronic carrier state in gallbladder
    • nontyphoidal salmonella
    • around 1% chance of carrier state
    • increased chances with abx treatment
  14. HUS complications
    • renal damage
    • seizures
    • vasculitis
  15. criteria for sevear disease in C.diff diarrhea
    fever, severe abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, wbc>15,000, increased Cr by 50% and decreased albumin.
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