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  1. affected
    • attacked by disease
    • afflicted
  2. ambulation
    act of walking or being able to walk
  3. ambulation aid
    a piece of equipment (eg. crutch, cane, or walker) used to provide support or stability for a person when walking
  4. axilla
  5. axillary crutches
    wooden or metal crutches, adjustable or nonadjustable, that fit under a person's upper arms and into the axilla with a handpiece to grasp
  6. bilateral
    pertaining to two sides
  7. crab cane
    a cane with three or four feet that forms a wider base of support than the single crutch tip;also referred to as a three- or four-footed quad, or hemi cane.
  8. dorsiflexion
    backward flexion or bending, as of the hand or foot; for example when the top of the foot (dorsum) approaches the lower leg or ankle, dorsiflexion has occured
  9. forearm crutches
    wooden or metal crutches with a full or half cuff that fits over a person's forearms and with a handpiece to grasp; also know as Lofstrand or Canadian crutches
  10. four -point gait
    the repetitive, alternate, reciprocal forward movement of an ambulation aid (e.g. a crutch or cane) and a person's opposite lower extremity
  11. functional activities
    activities identified by an individual as essential to support the person's physical and psychological well-being and to create a personal sense of well-being
  12. gait
    the manner or style of walking
  13. immobilizer
    an object or apparatus that immobilizes or prevents motion, such as cast or brace
  14. monitor
    to check constantly on a given condition or phenomenon, such as blood pressure or heart or respiration rate
  15. parallel bars
    wooden or metal bars, adjustable or nonadjustable, that are horizaontal and parallel to each other and attached to vertical uprights to provide a stable, nonmobile support for a person who requies an ambulation aid
  16. pelvis
    the lower portion of the trunk of the body
  17. platform attachment
    wooden or metal crutches with an adjustable or nonadjustable platform for a person's forearm to rest on and aid in weight bearing
  18. reciprocal
    corresponding but reversed on both sides
  19. riser
    vertical piece of wood joining two steps; the back of the step
  20. scapular
    pertaining to the scapula
  21. styloid process
    long and pointed bony projection
  22. three-one-point gait (
  23. partial weight bearing [PWB]
    one lower extremity is full weight bearing, and the opposite lower extremity is PWB; bilateral canes, crutches, or a walker is used to partially support the body weight as the person bears weight on the PWB lower extremity; the full weight-bearing lower extremity advances independently, and the ambulation aids and PWB lower extremity advance simultaneously
  24. three-point gait (non-weight bearing [NWB])
    one lower extremity is full weight bearing, and the opposite lower extremity is NWB; bilateral crutches or a walker is used to support the person's weight when the weight-bearing lower extremity advances
  25. tripod position
    the use of three points as supports, such as a cane or crutch tips and a person's feet with the tip in front of and to the side of the person's feet to form a base of support when the person stands
  26. trochanter
    a broad, flat surface on the femur at the upper end of its lateral surface (greater trochanter)
  27. two-point gait
    the repetitive, simultaneous, reciprocal forward movement of an ambulation aid (e.g. a crutch or cane) and a person's opposite lower extremity
  28. ulnar
    pertaining to the ulna, one of the two bones of the forearm
  29. unilateral
    pertaining to one side
  30. walker
    an ambulation aid, usually with four contacts that are placed on the floor and a frame to support the patient's weight and provide stability during ambulation

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