"B & C" root words

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  1. Be
    • to be; to have a particular quality; to exist.
    • -to regard something as less impressive than it apparently is.
    • bemoan: to express pity for.
    • belie: to misrepresent, to contradict.
  2. Bel
    • war
    • -warlike; given to waging war.
  3. Ben/ Bon
    • good
    • -anything advantageous to a person or thing.
    • bona fide: in good faith; without fraud.
  4. Bi
    • twice, double
    • -able to speak two languages with equal facility.
    • biennial: happening every two years.
  5. Cad/Cid
    • to fall; to happen by chance
    • -happening by chance; unexpected.
    • decadent: decaying; deteriorating.
    • recidivist: one who repeatedly relapses, as in crime.
  6. Cant/ Cent/ Chant
    • to sing
    • -a song; singing
  7. Cap/ Cip/ Cept
    • to take; to get
    • -to take by force or stratagem.
    • percipient: having perception; discerning; discriminating.
    • precept: a commandment or direction given as a rule of conduct.
  8. Cap/Capit/Cipit
    • head, headlong
    • - to cut off the head.
    • capitulate: to surrender unconditionally or on stipulated terms.
  9. Card/ Cord/ Cour
    • heart
    • -pertaining to the heart.
  10. Cast/ Chast
    • cut
    • -to punish in order to correct.
    • chaste: free from obscenity; decent.
  11. Ced/ Ceed/ Cess
    • to go; to yeild; to stop
    • -without stop
  12. Centr
    • center
    • -having a common center, as in circles or spheres.
    • eccentric: off-center.
    • centrist: of or pertaining to moderate political or social ideas.
  13. Cern/ Cert/ Cret/ Crim/ Crit
    • to separate; to judge; to distinguish; to decide
    • -detached from others, separate.
    • discreet: judicious in one's speech, esp. with regard to remaining silent about something of a delicate nature.
  14. Cis
    • to cut
    • -a cut, gash, or notch.
    • incisive: penetrating, cutting
  15. Cla/ Clo/ Clu
    • shut, close
    • -to bring to an end; finish; to terminate.
    • preclude: to prevent the existence, presence, or occurence of.
  16. Claim/ Clam
    • to shout; to cry out
    • - a loud uproar.
  17. Cli
    • to lean toward
    • -to cause to slope or lean upward.
    • proclivity: inclination, bias
    • disinclination: aversion, distaste.
  18. Co/ Col/ Com/ Con
    • with, together
    • -to bind or fasten together.
    • conciliate: to placate; to win over.
    • commensurate: suitable in measure, proportionate.
  19. Cour/ Cur
    • running; a course
    • -a messenger traveling in haste who bears news.
  20. Cre/ Cresc/ Cret
    • to grow
    • -to make greater in any respect.
    • accrue: to be added as a matter of periodic gain.
    • accretion: an increase by natural growth.
  21. Cred
    • to believe; to trust
    • -willingness to believe or trust too readily.
    • credo: any formula of belief.
  22. Crypt
    • hidden
    • -the science of interpreting secret writings, codes, ciphers, and the like.
    • apocryphal: of doubtful authorship or authenticity.
  23. Cub/ Cumb
    • to lie down
    • -lying down; reclining; leaning
  24. Culp
    • blame
    • -deserving blame or censure
    • inculpate: to charge with fault.
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