drug names

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  1. acetamenophin drug category and indication
    analgesic; for pain
  2. acetylcolitic acid is a.k.a. what?
    • aspirin
    • trade name: bear/bare
  3. acetylcolitic acid category and indication
    analgesics; for pain
  4. atropine is the generic name for what brand name drug?
  5. indication for lomotil?
    diarrhea (category=antidiarrheal)
  6. dexamethasone is the generic name for what brand name drug?
  7. depadron falls under what drug category?
    glucocorticoid (endocrine drug; steroid)
  8. what is dexamethasone indicated for?
    swelling, edema (often given to pt's w/ brain treatments)
  9. what is the brand name for ibuprophin?
    • advil, motrin
    • category=analgesic; indication=pain
  10. demoral is the trade name for?
    mepereidine (generic name)
  11. demoral drug category?
    • analgesic, narcotic
    • indication; pain
  12. oxycodone is the generic name for what brand name drug?
    • percadan
    • analgesic narcotic; pain
  13. phenytoin is the generic name for what drug?
    dylantin (trade name)
  14. what is dylantin given for?
    • seizure/convulsion
    • category: antiseizure/anticonvulsion
  15. common drugs given for nausea
    compazine and tygan
  16. 2 most common chemo. drugs
    • 5-FU (5-Flourouracil)
    • Adriomycin ("red death")
  17. Adriomycin is known for what effects
    • aka "red death"
    • side effects: extreme nausea, extreme vomiting, hair loss, cardiac issues (cardiac toxicity)
  18. analgesics fall under what drug category?
    depressants (sub category of CNS drugs)
  19. example of a CNS stimulant drug?
  20. adronergics and vasodilators are categorized under which drug group?
    neuropharmacologic; autonomic drugs
  21. adronergics
    increase HR and BP
  22. vasodilators
    lower BP
  23. cardiotonic drug effects and category
    working with or to effect the heart/heart rate
  24. 2 subcategories of cardivascular drugs
    carditonic and vasodilators (and/or vasocontrictors)
  25. examples of anticoagulants
    warfarin, heparin, kumatin, baby aspirin
  26. danger of anticoagulants?
    pt's can easily hemorrage; thins the blood
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