Fuel systems (updated)

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  1. 3 causes of vapor lock
    • Low fuel pressure
    • High fuel temp
    • Exsessive fuel turbulance
  2. 100ll Avgas labeling is which colors
    Blue and red
  3. Jet a labeling is which color
    Black and white
  4. Jet b labeling is which color
    Yellow and black
  5. What color is avgas
  6. Which color is jet fuel
    Colorless or straw
  7. Which instrument is used for testing volatility
    Reid vapour pressure tester
  8. What does the acronym ASTM stand for
    American society for testing and materials
  9. At standard day what is the true weight of jet-a and avgas
    • Jet-a 7lbs/gal
    • Avgas 6lbs/gal
  10. Name 4 different fuel contaminations
    • Water
    • Bacteria
    • Ice
    • Incorrect fuel
  11. What is the freezing point of avgas
    -70 deg
  12. What is the freezing point of jet-a
    -47 deg
  13. What is the freezing point of jet-b
    -51 deg
  14. What is AIP
    Aeronatical info publication- standard used by pilots for fuel weight
  15. What is the integral tank called that is used on the leading edge or fixed wing aircraft And what are they made of
    • D-section fuel tanks
    • Made of honeycomb and aluminum
  16. What is the lowest part of an integral tank called
    Collector bay
  17. Each tank must have _____ of the tank for fuel consumption. It must be impossible to fill this portion of the tank during normal on ground attitude
  18. Where must fuel filler marking be located on the aircraft
    At or neer the filler cap
  19. Fuel caps on recip aircraft must have which fuel marking designation
    The word AVGAS and minimum fuel grade
  20. Turbine engine aircraft must have which markings ne'er the filler cap
    The word "jet fuel" and the permisable fuel designation
  21. Fuel sump drain perform which 2 tasks
    • Allows tank to be used or -drained to 1/4% or 1/16 of a gallon
    • -allaw drainage of all hazardous materials
  22. 6 primary functions of a fuel drain
    • 1. Have a locking mechanism
    • 2. Be accesible
    • 3. Easy opened and closed
    • 4. Allow fuel to be caught for examination
    • 5.have a visual mark to indicate fully closed
    • 6. Be situated or protected incase of gear up landing
  23. What's the main purpose for jettison fuel
    To achieve allawable landing weight
  24. Lines and fittings size depend on what ?
    Amount of flow
  25. True or false flexible lines are calendar lifed
  26. 2 standard practices for flexible lines through a bulkhead
    • Grommets
    • Adel clamp (cousioned)
  27. How should fuel lines and fittings be marked
    Red and white tape with stars and marked "fuel"
  28. 3 types of valves
    • Gate type
    • Motor gate type
    • Solenoid type
  29. 5 types or pumps
    • Boost (aux)
    • Scavenge
    • Cross feed
    • Main
    • Emergency
  30. Which additive in avgas 100ll promotes corrosion but acts as a(n) anti knock
  31. Temperature at which fuel will emit ignitible vapors
    Flash point
  32. When fueling an craft what must be done in preparation
    • -Ground fueling truck to aircraft
    • - revove tank pilled plugs for air displacement
  33. Where is the main filter locate at in the fuel system
    At the lowest portion outside the fuel tank
  34. Which fuel tank material is constructed of tin and lead
  35. What are the 5 types of fuel quantity indicator systems
    • 1. Float and gear assembly
    • 2. Dc indicator
    • 3. Capacitance system
    • 4. Measuring stick (mag stick)
    • 5. Drip stick
  36. What are the 3 types of flow measuring systems
    • 1. Vane type - is also connected to an auto syn
    • 2. Mass flow - uses a turbine to measure density and flow
    • 3. Electronic fuel flow indicator - calculates:
    • - fuel used
    • -fuel left
    • - flow
  37. What are the two most common types of fuel delivery systems
    • 1. Gravity fed
    • 2. Pump fed
  38. Fuel leak classifications fall under which 4 categories
    • 1. Slow seep- 3/4" max
    • 2. Seep- 3/4"-1 1/2" max
    • 3. Heavy seep-1 1/2"-4"
    • 4. Running leak
  39. When working on fuel tanks what safety precautions should be taken
    • Spark free tools
    • Explosion proof light
    • Resirator
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