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  1. what is the function of the lymphatic system function?
    • -fluid balance
    • -draines excess interstitial fluid
    • -absorption of dietary lipids from digestive tract
    • -defense
    • lymph nodes can filter foreign substances, invading pathogens
    • lymphocytes actively fight infection in lymph and blood
  2. what is the route of lymph flow through a lymph node?
    • afferent lymphatic vessel
    • subcapsular sinus
    • trabecular sinus
    • medullary sinus
    • efferent lymphatic vessel
  3. what is the spleen fed by?
    the splenic artey
  4. what is the four basic layers of digestive system?
    • Mucosa
    • Submucosa
    • Muscularis
    • Serosa or Adventitia
  5. what are the connective tissue sheets that holds many of the organs in place in the abdominal cavity?
  6. what is involved in mastication (chewing) of food?
    • -tounge
    • -teeth
  7. what is the purpose of the tongue?
    • the tongue is controlled by intrinsic and extrinsic (attached to the hyoid bone) muscle
    • -holds food in for chewing
    • -assists in swallowing
  8. what type of cells is the oral cavity lined with?
    stratified squamous epithelium
  9. what control the entry and exit of food?
    • -UES
    • upper esophageal sphincter
    • -LES
    • lower esophageal sphincter
  10. the esophagus is located in? and passes through what?
    -lies in the mediastrinum; and passes through the diaphragm

    -leads from pharynx to stomach
  11. ________ and ______ make mucus that lubricate the lining of the esophagus
    mucus glands and submucosa
  12. most of mucosa in fingerlike projections called _________.
  13. what is the cell type of mucosa
    simple columnar epithelium
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