Astro test 2

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  1. Newton's First Law: Law of Inertia
    Objects will remain in motion, in a straight line and at a constant speed unless acted upon by a force
  2. Net force
    • any influence that may change the state of motion of objects
    • an unbalanced force
  3. Newton's 2nd Law: Law of forces and accelrations
    • if ourside net forces act upon objects, then objects are accelerated.
    • when this happens objects are accelerated in the direction of the net forces.
    • inversely proportional to objects inertia
  4. quantitive measurement of inertia
    objects mass
  5. mass
    total amount of material in an object
  6. acceleration
    • force/mass
    • force=mass * acceleration
  7. weight
    how gravity affects or accelerates mass.
  8. scalar quantity
    • remains the same no matter where you travel in the universe
    • MASS
  9. vector quantity
    • changes depending on where you are.
    • weight
  10. inertia
    the tendency of the object at rest to remain at rest. and of a body in motion in a straight line at a constant speed.
  11. Force
    push or pull anything that can cause a body to change velocity.
  12. velocity
    a physical quantity that indicates both the spped of a body and the direction in which it is moving.
  13. Newston's 3rd Law: law of active-reactive forces
    • if an ovject exerts a net force upon another object (action), then the second object exerts a second net force upon the first object (reaction)
    • the two forces are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction.
    • f1=f2
  14. The relationship between acceleration and forces
    if an outside net force acts upon an object, the object is accelerated in the direction of the net force
  15. light
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