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  1. 1.The female reproductive system includes the following organs/structures:
    Uterus, ovaries, vagina, fallopian tubes
  2. 2.Bacterial infections of the female reproductive system include
    Vaginitis, toxic shock syndrome, endometritis, salpingitis
  3. 3.Bacteria that have been identified as frequently responsible for nonsexually transmitted infections of the reproductive system include
    Escherichia coli, Gardnerella vaginalis, Staphylococcus aureus
  4. 4.The most common bacterial nonsexually transmitted infection of the male reproductive system is
  5. 5.The normal flora present in the healthy male reproductive system is best characterized as
    Sterile, no normal flora
  6. 6.Methods typically used to diagnose bacterial infections of the reproductive system include
    Microscopic examination of discharge from infected organ and microscopic examination of urine for organisms
  7. 7.Factors that can increase the chances of vaginitis are
    Use of antibiotics, pregnancy, menopause
  8. 8.The organism that is responsible for the vast majority of cases of fungal vaginitis is
    Candida albicans
  9. 9.Symptoms of prostatitis include
    Painful urination, fever and chills, weak urine flow
  10. 10.Measures that can be taken to prevent bacterial vaginitis include
    Avoidance of tight pants, use of panties with cotton crotch, infrequent douching
  11. 11.A vaginal yeast infection is typically caused by
    Candida albicans
  12. 12.The drug most often used in fighting protozoan infections of the reproductive system is
  13. 13.Vaginal infections that are resulting from an overgrowth of normal flora are called
    Endogenous infections
  14. 14.Infections of the reproductive tract resulting from the introduction of microorganisms through a medical procedure are called
    Iatrogenic infections
  15. 15.One of the defense mechanisms in place in the organs/tissues of the reproductive tract that prevent microbial infection includes
    Acidic pH
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