Nutrition Vitamin Deficiencies

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Nutrition Vitamin Deficiencies
2011-10-20 02:14:19
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  1. Vitamin A deficiency
    Impaired night vision, blindness, follicular hyperkeratosis, pneumonia, growth retardation, renal calculi
  2. Vitamin A toxicity
    Papilledema and seizures, hepatitis, bone pain
  3. Vitamin D deficiency
    Craniotabes, rachitis rosary, osteomalacia, tatnus
  4. Vitamin D toxicity
    Hypercalcemia w metastatic calcification, renal calculi
  5. Vitamin E Deficiency
    Hemolytic anemia, peripheral neuropathy, degen of post column and spinocerebellar tract
  6. Vitamin E toxicity
    Anticoagulation (synergistic with warfarin)
  7. Vitamin K deficiency
    hemorrhagic disease of newborns, GI bleeding, ecchymoses, inc PTT, PT
  8. Vitamin K toxicity
    Hemolytic anemia and jaundice
  9. Thiamine deficiency
    • Dry berberi (periph neuropathy)
    • Wernicke's (ataxia, confusion, nystagmus, mamillary body hemorrhage)
    • Korsakoff: antegrade and retrograde amnesia, demyelination in limbic
    • Wet Beriberi: congestive cardiomyopathy w biventricular failure
  10. Riboflavin (B2) deficiency
    Corneal neovascularization, glossitis, cheilosis, angular stomatitis
  11. Niacin deficiency
    Pellagra (diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia)
  12. Pyridoxine (B6) deficiency
    Sideroblastic anemia, convulsions, peripheral neuropathy
  13. Cobalamin (B12) deficiency
    Megaloblastic anemia, neurologic disease, glossitis
  14. Folic acid deficiency
    Megaloblastic anemia, NO neuro sx, glossitis
  15. Biotin deficiency
    Dermatitis, alopecia, lactic acidosis
  16. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) deficiency
    Weak capillaries and venules, skin ecchymoses, perifollicular hemorrhage, corkscrew hairs, anemia, hemarthrosis, bleeding gumes, loosened teeth, glossitis, poor wound healing
  17. Zn deficiency
    poor wound healing, dysgeusia (no taste), anosimia (no smell), perioral rash, hypogonadism, growth retardation
  18. Selenium deficiency
    • (glutathione)
    • muscle pain and weakness, dilated cardiomyopathy
  19. Iodide deficiency
    thyroid enlargement (goiter), hyperthyroidism

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