Unit 4 Vocab

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  1. Abscond
    to run off and hide
  2. Access
    (n.) approach or admittance to places, persons, things; an increase; (v.) to get at, obtain
  3. Anarchy
    a lack of government and law; confusion
  4. Arduous
    hard to do, requiring much effort
  5. Auspicious
    favorable, fortunate
  6. Biased
    favoring one side unduly; prejudiced
  7. Daunt
    to overcome with fear, intimidate; to dishearten, discourage
  8. Disentangle
    to free from tangles or complications
  9. Fated
    determined in advance by destiny or fortune
  10. Hoodwink
    to mislead by a trick, deceive
  11. Inanimate
    not having life; without energy or spirit
  12. Incinerate
    to burn to ashes
  13. Intrepid
    very brave, fearless, unshakable
  14. Larceny
  15. Pliant
    bending readily; easily influenced
  16. Pompous
    overly self important in soeech and manner; excessively stately or ceremonious
  17. Precipice
    a very steep clif; the brink or edge of disaster
  18. Rectify
    to make right, correct
  19. Reprieve
    (n.) a temporary relief or delay; (v.) to grant a postponement
  20. Revile
    to attack with words, call bad names
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